Mii review on x2 Zuhra Blue softlenses


zuhra by X2

diameter : 14,5

45% polyhema, 55% water

best curve 8,6

6 month using period

price : IDR 65.000


the design is pretty, detailed, with two color tone, blue on the accent and light black.


the different is really visible between my real eyes, indeed created the bigger eyes effect.


it’s pretty much blend into my eyes, they pretty much unnoticeable in normal light. since this is my first ever soft lenses, i still couldn’t judge whether it’s comfortable enough or no. bur after my 2-3 using it, i consider it comfortable enough, yet the diameter make it a bit harder to put in for first timer. since the water content is pretty high it comes thinner than other.


this how i dress up in it, suitable for you who seeking for a cute looking eye like a deer, i would try other color and variant from X2 since it’s cheap and high in water content.


this is my cousin wears it with flash.

i’d love to give 3,5 stars out of  5 just because the color is too ages ago…me actually want grey though.