TonyMoly Red Appletox Honey cream Mii review


i’m a bit infatuated by tonymoly since their green tea mask awe me so much, and now i got myself  a sample of red appletox, from the tox series. this sticky strechy cream are mainly purposed for moisturizing and bring resilience to the skin.


it appears clear like gel, and very sticky like royal honey pot by skinfood but the smell is rather peachy (rather than apple, coz it’s reminds me of peach sake pore serum) and fresh with a hint of honey aroma, for the matter of smell i like it.

tonmol appltox bfore after forehead

i guess it doesn’t really looked different between before and after..haha 😀

tonmol appltox bfore after cheek

i’m a combination type, which sometimes really dry with so many oil, and don’t forget sensitive too, haha. after applying this sticky cream onto my face i felt it was shiny and somehow stay there with less absorption to my skin, but later i found that patting it helps to make it absorbed.  indeed it feel heavy, since i wear it before i go to sleep at first. but then the next time i use it as a base since i’m running out of my moisturizer, and voila i start to love it, somehow it works as a moisture locker for my skin and as an adhesive to my bb cream. and since then i start to use it as  base. but lately i change my bb cream from skin 79 hot pink to good afternoon tea by skinfood, and somehow the new bb cream is having it’s own load of shimmer, and i found it too shimmery if i used this appletox as base. so if u have the same kind of skin with me you might want to consider what bb cream you are using, it works better with bb cream or foundation that less shimery or even matte.

Gluey apple-honey cream with massage, Pack & moisture cream function. Sticky type (Stretches like honey), Improves skin texture to be smooth/ Silky Finish, Rich nutrients & supplement of moisture, Apple Extracts / Honey Extracts, Active Honey Complex (Black bee honey ,royal jelly extracts, honeycomb extracts)” -tonymoly-