chocolate & blueberry Tango waffle ; Mii review

tango waffle


i got myself two types of Tango waffle, chocolate and new blueberry for review material. i used to eat Tango waffle when i work at Banjarbaru, south Kalimantan. But back then i guess there’s only one flavour, cheese, or maybe only that we can get.


choco Tango waffle

i’m not a big fan of chocolate flavour snack, for me chocolate is a boring flavor sometimes, and so with this Tango waffle, the filling is light and mousse-y, regular chocolate flavour. but the waffle is totally crispy and tasty, i still prefer the cheese flavor back then.


blueberry Tango waffle

this blueberry flavor is soooo blueberry, at first i thought it would be faux and weir kind of flavor, but instead it come out with a total sourness and aroma of blueberry, well their definitely artificial flavor, but this one is pretty uncommon than other kind of blueberry flavor. i used to be a blueberry big fan, and used to pick anything by it’s blueberryness, but i couldn’t finish the whole two packet of this tango waffle, they still hanging there in the fridge. this just not my kind of snack, i would never buy them again, unless i got a short term compulsiveness.


i’d give tango waffle 2 out of 5 stars, me no likey.


oops and nabati cheese wafer ; Mii Review

i’ve been anticipating for cheese flavor snack upon their boom on early 2008 (just my raw information :P), and becaming their fan since then. But it’s been so long since i get my self snacking one of them, until my cousin (again) bring me back to the memory lane of  munching this kind of wafers, and made me refrain for more of it. So today i got myself comparing between this two brand that i could found on the rack.


On it’s visual appearance, it shown that Oops wafers having more orange-ish color than the pale yellow nabati has. and for the taste, richeese nabati a more to the sweet side and oops is more to savory side. Just like it’s color, oops delivering a major salty taste with decent sweetness to its wafers. While nabati having no problem bringing subtle but major sweetness and a kick of tangy cheesy flavor on it. while the wafer itself, i found that richese giving me a biting sensation with its controlled crispness, on the other hand oops are simply just crisp crunchy kinda feel, i like to called less controlled crispness.


in the end i am more to Nabati girl than Oops, the fact i just finish a slice and give the entire pack to someone else. and until then i never change my cheese wafers brand…hahaha, sounds too drama-esque.. 😛


just based on my own preference (Like always) i’d love to give richeese nabati wafers 3.8 and Oops 1.9 stars out of 5


Marty’s Cracklin’ Snack ; Mii review

i’ve been going on trip often recently, and there is no trip without a in-road snack. Been bored by other famous brand such Lay’s and Chitato, i dare myself to tried a fish-skin looking snack called Marty’s cracklin’ with barbecue flavor.


somehow it looks like a cassava and indeed weird looking snack.


At first it taste like munching over an aged keripik tempe, dry, hard and soggy, but then after another bites, i start to recognize what am i eating, a mix between tapioca (for the cassava taste) and corn flour. A weird mixture indeed, because mostly snack are made with only one based flour. I guess this snack is whether a test or a side product over something else.

The barbecue flavor the said, taste like other snack with the same flavor, so commercial. and believe it or not there’s still a few leftover from last week trip on the sack.


2 stars out of 5, nah i won’t buy those weird things anymore.



Hi Tempura Spicy flavor by TaoKaeNoi ; Mii review


i’ve been watching this snack hanging on the shelf  like years ago, but i got no faith on it, so i dont dare buy it. Firstly i dont believe seaweed product that not coming from japan or korea, and secondly seaweed fried as tempura, are you kidding me??.

but yeah, taokaenoi have been kidding me, that this snack right here is a champion! i love it, i crave for it, i got crazy about it. And moreover i thought that Rp 16.000 /pack is worthy, well that’s crazy, since it comes in a big packet but a little inside but still i feel to buy it. Now it seems like i couldn’t trip without it.

Maybe you’ll wonder how do they fried the laver layer with tempura batter, well i dunno, but they succeed. the texture was so crunchy and yet the laver still exist and flavor it all, with extra spaicy powder they covered with, it makes you want to dig into it all day. the spiciness is kicking through my palate, so if you don’t like anything spicy or hot you can find the original flavor, the taste as best as this.


one side of crunchy tempura batter, and sea-thy laver (seaweed), oh my! and dont forget the seal-able package, awesome!


Tao Kae Noi is specialized in seaweed snack, they’re thailand product, and so delicious, i’ve been tried they regular laver seaweed, with many different flavor, and i end up love it whether as snack of compliment to my rice…o yeah!


i’ love to give 4.8 stars out of five!

Toekpokki a la Mii

i love this sticky little cakes that so chewy and spicy.Image

i always got an excitement over asian cooking, especially japanese and korean cuisine. After a big strike of korean wave struck me i found myself craving for a me made korean food, so far i’ve been tackled kimchi, kimchi derivatives (kimchi jigae, sundubu jigae, kimchi jeon, and kimchi ramyun), jajangmyeon, and mya fave toekpokki.

toekpokki is a famous and everyone’s street snack sell in a hawker cart at every market and some food street, or just merely everywhere in korea (i never been there, but the tv reference is somehow giving me enough picture). the taste supposed to be spicy and sort of salty, since korean love both of the taste. the rice cakes itself is a tasteless chewy stripes that balancing the spicy sauce. the taste and texture of toek reminds me of “klanthing“, but toek made from rice flour.

so here is my recipe:


150 gr toek

1 cup water

1 garlic minced

1 tbs gochujang/red pepper paste

1/2 tbs gochugaru/red pepper flakes

1/2 tbs chogochujang

1/2 tbs beef stock

1 scallion chopped

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp black pepper crushed

1 tbs sugar

1 tsp salt

how to cook:

saute garlic with a little oil on a hot pan, after turning golden and aromatic pour in water add the toek that already separated from each other (if you find it hard to separate them, just cut the stripe in half and boiled them, and when they turn softer try to separate them again, it would be easier), put the other ingredients in, gochugaru, gochujang, chili powder, sugar, salt, beef stock, and bring to boil, keep on stirring until the toek became soft and bloating a little bit and the sauce is very sticky and reduced become 1/4 part.serve with scallion on top.


gochujang / red pepper paste, on Indonesian version they translate it into “saus sambal” and i dont find it right, since they add fermented soybean paste on it.


toek / rice cakes, i got mine from papaya supermarket, and they were expensive 😦


chogocgujang / vinegar red pepper paste, just red pepper paste with vinegar, but this one is come out with a real pepper seed, and the purpose is more for dip and tabletop condiment.

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Fitbar snack : Mii Review



i got hungry, and this is my emergency snack for just a few minutes ago. I got this grain bar from an indomaret along the road, when i got to Malang, just today. This kind of snack bar is obviously not a new thing in the snacking world, but somehow me who just another potato chips kinda girl is found this snack bar fascinating. 

I’ve tried a soy bar before but found it not my cup of tea, then so i thought a bar snack would be the same all over the varies. Until i got a similar grain bar from a friend snatched from a 5 stars hotel lounge, so the brand is indeed foreign, and yet the label is also weird for me, a various nuts bar with yogurt, but in the end it was nice and quite filling.

So i dare myself to try another snack bar today, this Fitbar is pretty awkward on the label (Fitbar made me correlate it with a gym tool :P). But the ingredients is looks like normal like peanuts and rice krispies with a fructose glue. When i bite it it was crunchy and light, since the nuts isn’t nut-ly dominating. the flavour is simply light sweet without too much gooey feeling, less sticky on my teeth. My verdict is this snack bar that cost me around Rp 6.000 is pretty value for money, tasty, and healthy. 


for you who loves snack including trying new snack, this fitbar is a worth to try. But if you just a simply choco wafer person then this would be less satisfying for your snack tooth, since it would gone in a 3 bites.


2.5 stars out of 5

ebi Takoyaki a la Mii

ImageTakoyaki is one of my favorite snack, creamy inside with a bite of surprise in the core and slightly crispy on the outside. Takoyaki is best eaten while still piping hot with oozing sauce and mayonnaise. Since that cooking is my passion, trying to cook takoyaki is definitely on my list. So today after got the mold from my aunt (or snatch it exactly :P) i drag myself to the kitchen and create this lil round heaven, with a lot of moderation 😛

the Recipe


1 cup (125gr) cake flour

2 cup (480ml) cold water

1 egg

1 tbs instant beef stock

salt and pepper to taste

for filling:

scallion sliced to taste

leek sliced to taste

dried ebi

cornflakes crushed

salt to taste

how to make:

1. On a bowl whisk together flour with cold water, add the beef stock,egg, season and mix well. set aside

2. Mix together filling ingredient and set aside


3. preheat your cast iron mold on a medium high heat and brush with oil.

4. pour the batter into the hot mold until 2/3 part of the mold, scatter the filling inside.


5. after a minute or so flip them  90o (with a bamboo skewer or a stick)so their uncooked inside is flowing out and make another part of a circle.

6. after another minute flip them upside down until u can see their round part.


7. continue flipping until they turn golden brown.

8. take them out and enjoy with takoyaki/okonomiyaki/tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise.

if you find it hard or too lazy to shop you can omit the sauce and just go with mayonnaise, or if you prefer you can use whatever sauce that ready in your pantry (ketchup, hot sauce, soy sauce, tabasco, or even chocolate sauce if you dare). Or if you feel like making it from scratch, you can follow this recipe. I made mine with omitting garlic, ginger, and sake, since i’m so lazy, and my sauce end up great as another famous brand.

Happy cooking and g’luck!

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