royal honey mask by Skin Food Mii review

SF royal honey mask

i bought this sachet sample from pr3tty shop at tokopedia for only Rp. 4.500, it fill my tiny jar much. i’ve been using it around 4-5 times already and there’s still left for another 2-3 times more, with an adequate usage though.

royal honey closeup

it appears like a white-ish jelly, but surprisingly very sticky, like a honey. and it smell like honey (which i dont really fond of it).


my camera couldn’t catch the stickiness somehow :p

how to use it:

1. cleans your face with your regular routine, then apply an adequate amount on your face (i found it a little less is better), apply it all over.

2. give a quick light massage around 10 seconds, and wait for 5-10 min

3. after waiting they should be watery (or oily for me) and then you can start to give a real circular heavy massage to your face, then the impurities and cellulose start to show up.

4. after massaging thoroughly and u feel like there’s no more dead skin to harvest, u can wipe your face with tissues and wash them away with water.

i like to wash it only with water and use it at night before i go to sleep, it did my face slightly oily (i’m a combination skin type) and sort of sticky feeling, but i bear it and then wash it properly with foaming wash at the morning, to get an extra refreshing and moist feeling in the morning. but if you had a super acne prone skin and have so many active acne i don’t recommend you to use it, but if it’s only one or two active acne you could avoid the area and cleans it with foam afterwards.

and exfoliating mask with royal black honey and royal jelly extract that slough away dead skin cells and transform rough skin into a nice honey-glazed complexion -skinfood-

good part:

i found it exfoliate my skin if i use it around a week to another using, even though some part of my face didn’t came up as tight and moist like other part. but i like this mask, it really made my pore tighter, healthier, and moist.

bad part:

i don’t like the honey smell personally, and how it made my skin a bit more oily (but with the nice result i could bear it, but still…no oily would be better)

apart from that i would love to buy another sachet (hehe, super thrifty me) and put it in a jar, for the same benefit with a cheaper price who could say no?!.

a sweet 4 stars out of 5 for you honey!