Black Sugar mask wash off by skinfood Mii review

SF black sugar wash off

another sample sachet i bought from online for only Rp. 4.800 and it fill my little jar (approx 5 gr), more than enough for 3 months supply (at least for me)


it comes in a dark brown color with a sugar granules, that somehow reminds me of a scrub, but in the ends i was sort of wrong.

how to use it:

1. wet your face (cleansed face) and apply an appropriate amounts (i only use around twice the amounts the spatula in the picture shown above), distribute evenly on your face

2. massage it around your face in a circular movements, and here the granules that at first feel rough start to melt out in our face.

3. leave to wait around 10-15 min and then wash it away.

enriched with minerals and vitamins, this face scrub effectively exfoliates dead skin that prevents make up while revitalizing skin -skinfood-

good points:

1. it really exfoliate my dead skin cell and tighten my pores, leave my skin moist and fresh.

2. it doesn’t have any hideous smell that linger or anything.

bad points:

1. after a while my dry prone area are getting dryer, just under my lips that is.

a tips fro my personal experience is just don’t use it to often, once or twice a week max, or you end up unsatisfied with the result.

i fall in love with skinfood this day, since i got all the awesome effect from any product i’ve tried, so you’ll gonna hear more ooowh and aaawh from me :p

i’d give you 4 stars out of 5 sugar dear!