chocolate & blueberry Tango waffle ; Mii review

tango waffle


i got myself two types of Tango waffle, chocolate and new blueberry for review material. i used to eat Tango waffle when i work at Banjarbaru, south Kalimantan. But back then i guess there’s only one flavour, cheese, or maybe only that we can get.


choco Tango waffle

i’m not a big fan of chocolate flavour snack, for me chocolate is a boring flavor sometimes, and so with this Tango waffle, the filling is light and mousse-y, regular chocolate flavour. but the waffle is totally crispy and tasty, i still prefer the cheese flavor back then.


blueberry Tango waffle

this blueberry flavor is soooo blueberry, at first i thought it would be faux and weir kind of flavor, but instead it come out with a total sourness and aroma of blueberry, well their definitely artificial flavor, but this one is pretty uncommon than other kind of blueberry flavor. i used to be a blueberry big fan, and used to pick anything by it’s blueberryness, but i couldn’t finish the whole two packet of this tango waffle, they still hanging there in the fridge. this just not my kind of snack, i would never buy them again, unless i got a short term compulsiveness.


i’d give tango waffle 2 out of 5 stars, me no likey.