Klinik Bisnis untuk wirausaha by smartfm, ITS, and telkomsel ; Mii review

i wake up very early that day, due to sudden invitation by my mate to attend an invitation only seminar at my former university. Hoping for an inspiring moment like before at ciputra university, i came with an open mind and heart. And after 1 hour late after the schedule, the seminar start. the first speaker comes from a character building company, he talked about character, and somehow i heard so many yawning and plastic noise, yup audience get bored. And so do we, and i somehow doesn’t like being question around on what kind of person i am, when the answer is only categorized in psychological group, and represented in colors, for me is just another horoscope on the back of teens mags.

the second speaker comes from ITS incubator, a new incubator on my university where burger krawu, and many others come from. she speak about her living in japan experience, and about the incubator’s activity a bit. oh well, it’s interesting but like a good old safety boots, me don’t need it. and so be it we spend our day listening to both, and then my mate left me for another errand he said, on the next speaker from telkomsel, well it’s an obvious matter that they presenting their product and stuff, that’s it, well it’s another info. and there’s another session when the speaker seated in front of a desk and a empty chair, like a doctor visit, they’ll answer to your question, well i got no question around, so i spend another 40 minutes talking to my next seat about what he sell, and oh my..here’s come my insight, he sell coffee on a mobile basis, with a modified tricycle and he lived in my neighborhood (later day i saw his cart on the street and it’s awesome and huge). So inspiring and totally a network to begin.

bored and sleepy shoes

hmm.. 2 stars out of 5 then..sorry to say.

my unfortunate event : blackmailed and pick pocketed

rather than called sloppy i prefer this as disaster or plain bad luck.

That morning i was planning to work on my ice cream order, so i go gather the ingredient. i got my fresh milk already and all i need is just egg. a few days ago i heard some housewives talking about egg price, and one mom said she bought her egg on a almost 3.000 rupiah cheaper than the common price, and so i asked her where she bought it and i make a note on that. And so be it, with that information i’m heading to the traditional market around my neighborhood PASAR SOPONYONO. after some thought and walk, i got myself park on the other side of the market in front of Alfamart chain store. after walking a bit, i entered the market, as soon as i enter i found egg seller, i asked the price and the price is right i bought from her. after that i was thinking of  buying some chicken, and i go straight and buy them. and then i’m going back to my car (my bro’s car).

         When i was about to enter the car i look up on my key, they’re gone. Oh crap shiptt…i’m in trouble!. then with 2 kg of eggs in hand i’m tracing back my route with head look down looking for my key. after asking to every vendor i went (they said they dont know), i walk back, and on my way back i was thinking if it’s not falling, there’s a big shitty possibility that some thug pickpocket it, and if they did they could just easily runaway with the car, so i’m hassling back to my car. .. Thank god it still there. And silly me, i was left my cellphone inside of the car (it’s a lesson fellas), but there’s alfamart in front of me so i ask them to lend me phone. Needless say, my pa and bro came with spare key, and set me free. And after consulting with local police we decided to wait them to return my key.

           On the day after, there’s a becak driver asking for my mom’s address, and shortly i know he’s the finder (he found it on the license). but oddly he didn’t bring my key right away, and saying that he just asked to check the address, and the finder was a veggies seller at the market, he just ask for my mom’s number, but then i insist to give mine instead. And today the so-called-finder-but-definitely-thug called me with his ugly maduranese accent, pointless talk he asked for a ransom, with his consideration he feel like deserve a million rupiah for handling fee, with scare me with saying that i’ll spend more when i issued a new license. but then i beg (i was acting like he’s an angle with golden heartshit) and i said i only could afford 200.000 rupiah.  then he argue and settled on 500.000shit. and….my key returned….

the moral value is:

1. That is Indonesia ladies and gentlemen, where a civil citizen is nothing but a victim, in this case when you got blackmailed like this, police wouldn’t be a help, it would take money and time to issued a new license, or just to return in the thug, all you can do is surrender to the blackmailer.

2. Go to the Big chain super/hypermarket where there’ll be less hassle and haggle and thug. I was a trad’s market supporter but now they just a crappy shitty shanty place for me, burn them down and let them die (i’m mad)

3. Maduranese government need to do something on their shitty citizen, i’m not saying that there’s no other ethnics thug, but come on, it’s a common knowledge that your people is tend to be bad (i know i got some haters comment right after this, but me fine, this is a critic, thoughtful people would DO something rather than TALK nothing here). And well other ethnics do need to do everything on shitty citizen.

4. sometimes a dollar is worth to pay than a penny. that my own humble opinion, sometimes i’d rather reissues-ing license and paid a dollar than giving a blackmailer a penny, somehow to the extent of oh-kill-me-kidnapper than paying ransom, because sometimes it’s giving more liberation than other ways.

5. Preggers…deliver your baby on other better country. i’m proud to be Indonesian for a lot of awesome reasons, but i’m hell-y hate to lived in Indonesia for hell lots of shitty reasons.

gelato crepes and chicken pizza by Cafe Pisa : Mii Review

my so-called b’day meal


I was craving for a couture cake for decades, and since that day is my Birthday, i feel for a treat. After such an inspiring moments at Ciputra University (i’ll talk bout it later on other post), we drive in cafe Pisa. I’ve been loving this gelato for a while, since we brought my late Grandma there for a family dinner, and she loves ice cream (T_T miss u granny!).


After a long thinking (bout the price) my mind set to the crepes. said served with 3 scoop gelato and a layer of crepes, pretty much expensive for a 23.000 (or sumthing, i always failed to remember price, awesome!). And my always-hungry-and-hurry mate order a pizza in a flash.




gelato flavour that i picked are praline, black forest and tiramisu

and i fallin love with the praline gelato, it comes with a hazelnutty flavour and some candied fine hazelnut. it was so crunchy and creamy at the same time, totally love it. the other flavour was so-so, so i’m not gonna waste time review it. and i was able to taste some other flavour from the scooping counter, the rum raisins is bitter, too sharp for my taste buds.


the crepes is dry and thick, totally awful.


since i ever taste another crepes with an couture price on exactly next door to this cafe pisa (but now they changed into something else i don’t understand about) and it was blissful, so i can compare well, or maybe even an average reasonable person could just spit it right away without chew it. It sounds rude, but you got a fancy birthday girl here to impress, so could you please at least make a little effort here chef?!. okay i’m a bit emotional here, to give you my dear reader a real easy analogy is wonton skin dried in sun for 5 hour min. Or just simply a kulit pangsit or maybe a tortilla, that’s depicting the thick and dryness of this crepes. enough said they’ve been saved by the praline gelato, and i feel ok paying for the bill later on.


thin crust, 4 layer of pineapples and onion, with chicken chunk on a tomato based sauce…i guess it named for Hawaiian chicken pizza..maybe 😛


i’m a thin layer crust kinda girl, and this pizza suit me. it taste good and priced much (well pisa cafe isn’t your fast-call nor neighborhood pizzeria), but reminds me of my own handmade pizza, so somehow didn’t impress me much. But as i said before my mate was eating it like there’s no tomorrow  so i start to dig into it in rhyme.


the b’day girl in her bad-hijab-day…proudly ugly-enuffsaid-..


thanks to my mate i have a company to spend my bday in style. (he look like someone else in this picture…hoo)


overall review are; if you were looking for a nice gelato u can refer to this cafe pisa, but for other than ambiance you can count on other if you feel like saving your money from wasted.


i’d give 2.5 stars out of 5

Pasar Malam Tjap Toenjoengan : Mii Review


For any of you who loves street food and crowds, Pasar Malam Tjap Toenjoengan (PMTT)is the right place to be. Located at Tunjugan Plaza backyard, or parking lot, or just a lot next to sheraton. This fair is annually held during the Surabaya’s anniversary month. Well indeed during may-june Surabaya will always have a lots of event to attend.

Back to PMTT, once you step into the crowd, you’ll presented by the stall that selling food, drinks, snack, and even cell phone, that traditionally or locally made and famous in Surabaya. With such a traditional ambience, a local music, local languange used by the MC and so many signature food, will indeed make this place worth a try.

But one (or more) thing to remember on an event like this, is somehow some of them are overpriced nor overrated. This is one of the example:


isn’t this look so hideous, isn’t it reminds you of swamp, or swampthing, or both. This is a drink (or cocktail) called Es Dawet Durian and cost Rp. 10.000. For me who loves dawet and fair price, this is too much. Dawet supposed to be a rice flour made dough that boiled after sieved through a big hole strainer (or a mold, or a shaper, oh whatever), and supposed to be a concoction of a cendol, coconut milk, tapioca balls (mutiara), sago pudding, and palm sugar. And since they bring Durian as a main theme there, there supposed to be a good creamy Durian there. But na’ah (no) there just a lots amount of green colouring and shitty Durian, a lil of this and that (that is unrecognizable). And dont mention about the price, for a lavish complete gourmet style of dawet that i used to buy at the local market is only cost me Rp3.000 or Rp 5.000 at top. so it’s definitely an overpriced things.

The other thing i bought is a bowl of Bakso, this one i found it nice, tasty and normal. And my mate was buying a Burger krawu, which i found it usual, a different way to eat a regular nasi krawu, and a wierd cireng, and also an aloe vera drink from Jamu iboe.

well overall the place is pretty much fun, gives you a lot of choices on what to nibbles or even dine. but one thing to prepared is more cash, because you’ll find it more expensive than the regular price you’ve meet on your regular seller.


 “na’ah, you can’t afford it….!”  said my mate

The Lonely Journal “friends with nature”

“there’s no stopping us..” (jazon mraz-no stopping us)  

bener banget apa yg semua orang katakan “lonelyness kill”, but not stopping us. semua kesendirian itu killing, menjengkelkan, memuakkan, dan membuat kita ingin menyerah, tapi pada dasarnya kita bisa membuat kesendirian menjadi suatu yang lebih baik daripada dengan adanya orang lain bersama kita. how? exactly by being so bloody creative and be more patient, and voila! u’ll happy and survived.

try to list apa enaknya sendiri dan tidak, seperti yang kulakukan:

SENDIRI ADALAH KEBEBASAN. Dengan sendiri kita bisa melakukan apapun dengan hanya kita yang memutuskan dan pasti tak akan ada yg memaksakan kita harus seperti apa. sendiri berarti tantangan untuk berani, berani memutuskan dan berani menghadapi semuanya sendiri. gak akan ada yang namanya janjian gagal, gak ada pulsa terbuang, gak ada nunggu2an, gak ada sakit hati kalo semua gak jadi, gak ada hasrat terpendam, semua hanya dirimu, kamu dan everything inside u.

since i’m living in kalimantan selatan which is mid name is jungle, i try to make friends with nature, and i challenge myself (firstly) with a place named “mandiangin”, a valley with savannah and narrow climbing path. pada awalnya sempat ragu karena gak tau jalan, kata temen orang kesini jadinya ngliat pnampakan, dan i’m shitty coward (in the very beggining). namun hasrat ingin piknik memandang langit dan mencari inspirasi dari alam begitu besar (dan tak lupa faktor kebosanan dan kejengahan yang amat sangat) akhirnya kuputuskan berangkat modal nekat dan cutie lunch.

medan yang cukup menantang (jalan yg sempit, geronjalan, hutan rimbun, dan paranoia akan kata2 temen ttg pnampakan) dan tak lupa pasangan2 yang kalo- g- dibilang- mesum- terus- apa? yang cukup mengganggu tidak menciutkan keinginan untuk terus maju, pada akhirnya aku sampai di pintu gerbangnya. bea masuk 3000 (dengan sedikit white lie pas ditanyain pak yg jaga ” lho sendirian mbak? temannya mana?”  aku jawab “ooh ntar nyusul pak”) ternyata sangat memuaskan. pemandangan indah berupa padang rumput, berikut lembah2 yang membentang (tp sayang matahari begitu panas) benar2 such a candy in my eyes, BEAUTIFUL, subhanallah banget lah.  perasaan muak akan kota ini berangsur2 memudar (maaf, belum bisa hilang), ternyata berteman dengan alam adalah jawaban untuk pertanyan ” hiburanku apa disini?”.

spot berpiknik pun bisa kudapatkan, namun sayang karena minim persiapan aku tidak bisa benar2 rebahan-baca-buku-beralas-tanah-beratap-langit, tapi aku cukup puas. pohon dan rumput serasa ada untuk mendukungku, memberiku semnagat baru untuk terus berusaha selalu mewarnai hidup dengan kreativitas dan keceriaan (hahahaa..sound so norkish but its true). puluhan gambar dan sedikit jurnal di agenda cukup menjadi bukti bahwa hari ini aku telah mengalahkan kebodohan, ketakutan, dan kebosanan ku.

dan pastinya perjalanan journal ini tidak akan berhenti sampai disini aja, masih bakal ada banyak spot2 lain untuk ditaklukkan oleh me, myself, everything inside me and my sweetie cutie lil green spark (damn, ich liebe dich). so keep on discovering and happy adventuring!

The Ultimate X Factor of a Successful Seminar and Sidang TA

1. choose a wise, nice, friendly, not hungry for dignity (gak gila hormat), easy to find, open mind, not asking too much, lot of understanding, want to give u a hint of “sidang” question’s kind of advisor lecture.

2. a very comfort beautifully formal shoes, u cant used a comfort but not beautiful or vice versa.

3. a very loyal friend that accompany you before and after the event, because it’s so “no no” for you (who already dressed good, n wear the unusual shoes) to go around to borrowing LCD or looking for this and that!

4. a well perform drama act (nodding even when u don’t understand, thinking even when u were out of idea, and even crying if it’s needed) to make the audience satisfied (some of the “penguji” are looking for this, so feed them, coz u need their satisfaction and their satisfaction means a better mark).

5. a greatly prepared details, like the food for the “penguji” (make sure it can feed their appetite), a spidol that still perform well, etc.

6. a so much flowing prayer from a qualified person, especially people around you, and make sure that they prayer is close to the target, I mean is that the prayer got to be clear enough like “ I hope that the lectures wont realize tht in page XX there’s a mistake”, got the picture?!..

7. no too much attractive details in the things that u wear, don’t wear anything that make them annoyed with, a slight of an obvious color could change a persons mood, so wear save! Black and blue is saver than blood red and sunshine yellow.

8. be persistent, even that u feel u have no stance but u got to make them believe that u were right, even though in the end u admit that u were wrong (coz some of the cruel lecture just want to have the pleasure of playing with u’re head while they know that we were right or wrong).

9. eat sumthing in a few hour before the show.

10. just simply a slight of water before u start and after the show.

And the show will done well….hopefully!

The final day

“ here’s the day you hope would never come…”

Lagu yang satu ini memang bener2 mewakili perasaanku akan this final2 day, secara sejak dulu aku ngerasa i would never goin to face this Day soon, but i also know that is wrong. Dua buah hari keramat, biadab, jahanam, dan menakutkan ini adalah hari SEMINAR dan SIDANg TA ku. Kenapa menakutkan? Alesan yang pertama adalah I know I’m not that kicking ass smarties in the entire chem. Dep, dan alesan yang kedua I don’t feel like it, aku gak ngerasa I can handle it, karena there’s so many wrong things di TA ku, yang ininyalah, yang itunyalah, jadi aku sangat takut if sum1 reap it all. Dan this is what happened in my seminar:

1. my shoes is new, absolutely new, I bought it in the day before, so..it feel like it’s killing me.

2. no one, not even a single person watch my seminar,. Padahal seminar itu sifatnya terbuka, jadi aku yang “udah pengen dimuntahkan jurusan” ini bahkan udah g punya satu orang pun teman yang mau nonton, tapi..

3. seminar jalan tanpa mahasiswa yg nonton, dan…it’s go so fine!! So expected! Tapi sayangnya ekspektasi itu adalah sesuatu yang akan merevisi the crusial part of my TA, yang mana menyangkut kesimpulanku. Jadi singkat kata dosen
pembahas x itu sadar kalo ada yang aneh ama kesimpulanku dan aku tau kalo emang agak salah, but fortunately I already prepare tha drama.

Dosen pembahas xx : “ risky coba kamu liat kesimpulanmu, halaman @#” (dengan aksen padangya yang sulit dimengerti.)

Me : *oh GOD here we go…he knows it “iya pak..” sambil manggut2 sok serius (btw ini yang mnurutku sgt penting dalam sebuah seminar..sebuah anggukan mantab yang sok serius!)

Dosen pembahas xx : “kenapa kamu menyimpulkan 113,5% lebih mendekati range 95-105% daripada 94%?”

Me : * here goes the drama..” begini pak blablabla..” padahal sebenarnya aku kekeuh dengan alesan itu hanya karena hasil dari penelitian sebelumnya say so..

Dosen pembahas xx :” oh gak bisa gitu..mustinya kan 94% lebih masuk blablablabla…”

Me : memicingkan mata ke draft yg ada ditangan sambik merengut-merengut sok mikir..terus..”iya ya pak…” (padahal dari semlam aq gak bisa tdr tau kalo kesimpulan ini emang salah dari awal dan pembimbingku tidak merevisinya samasekali)

Dan walhasil aku harus ngeganti kesimpulannya dan beberapa kesalahan redaksional yang tersebar dimana2.

Sedangkan yang terjadi di sidangku adalah..

1. I know that I can’t bear tortured by my shoe jadi aku udah siap dengan tensoplast yang dipasang di daerah2 rawan, jadi aman mau berdiri 2 jam sekalipun.

2. I already prepared everything, even the tiny details like do I already sprayed perfume in my cloth or not, but god say different, seorang teman yang udah sedari beberapa hari aku maintain tolong jadi sie konsumsi, yaitu ngebeliin 5 paket C hoka-hoka bento untuk lunchnya dosen pengujiku, ternyata datang 10 menit sebelum jam 1 (jam sidangku) dengan membawa 5 hoka hemat 3, yang jelas2 isinya Cuma nasi + 4 biji gegorengan + salad + sambal sachet, I feel down secara paket c (ada lauk daging yakiniku nya) yg aku rencanakan sedikit lebih mewah kalo cm dbandingkan ama tren lunch berupa primarasa ato nasi Bu Rudi. Jadi this thing a bit bother me during the last minute. Ditambah sama..

3. penguji keduaku (dari bidang organic biadab) mengatakan ini di akhir waktu ngujinya “ya risky..kamu belum bisa menjawab semua pertanyaan saya ya..!” godddammit. Tapi sayangnya aku bisa melalui semua pertanyaan para penguji dengan relax dan sedikit drama, jadi kekuranganku di organic side tidak berefek terlalu besar.

4. dan hampir semua pertanyaan yang diujikan I already got the hint! Karena dosen pembimbing sangat well prepared me with such question, ya walopun g 100% sama tapi at least gari besarnya aku dah tau, jadi ketika ada pertanyaan yg I don’t even got a clue kayak “vitamin itu apa?” ato yg lainnya aku tambah sedikit gerakan berfikir kayak nunjuk2 dahi, milin2 spidol, menerawang dan lainnya untuk ngulur waktu sekaligus cari jawaban paling masuk akal yang bisa didapatkan.

5. and finally I got AB ( I thought it was A, damn I know wht the organic give me) disaat banyak yang nangis2 setelah keluar dr ruang sidang karna g bisa jawab hampir semua ptanyaan dan akhirnya dapet C ato BC. Dan nilaiku sama kayak anak 3,5 taon dengan IP 3 sumthing..god..such a relief..

dan yang pasti aku gak bisa ngedapetin semua kesenangan ini tanpa doa yang sudah dengan tulus ikhlas dikirimkan temen2 semua (aku kirim sms minta doa ke beberapa orang yg dianggap perlu, I hate too much publicity). Dan lewat ini juga I would like to say a big stack pile of thanks to my Pa (yg sdh memberikan plan B jawaban seminar dan ngeitungin % recovery jhnam itu), anggi (yg udah mau direpotin, susah2 ngantri di hokben walopun salahnya agak fatal), aniki to nene (yg lgsg nelpon dan nyaranin ini itu setelah dapet sms dr aku), fettie (yg ngedoain walopun g diminta n not around me), lambekobong (yg ternyata juga ngedoain dari jauh 🙂 ), ifha; nisa; illa (yg bener2 muncul sebelum dan sesudah sidang dan udah ngebantu minjem LCD, dll), merina (yg udah ngebantuin, ngenemenin during the process of ngetik undangan n ngumpulin syarat2 biadab itu), dan semua yg udah ngebantu ngelancarin semua final2 day ku, I really thankfull for everything and may Allah reply it with sumthing way much bigger than what u’ve done to me.

Michan n nyo2pi journey

misao in halte

Living for so many years in surabaya, this is the first time I have a cool journey by walking in some main street in surabaya. Di awali dengan keinginan kita ngeliat koleksi musim hujan tugu pahlawan’s collections maka:

pada hari minggu kuturut nyo2 ke kota

naik bemo istimewa ku duduk deket jendela

kududuk samping mas nyopi yang sdang terpana

memandangi jalan yang sedang ramai suasananya.

(hehehe berima bo’)

Setelah perjalanan yang sdikit gak meyakinkan, (secara aku dah beberapa taun gak pernah naek bemo lagi, dan nyo2 mengandalkan pengetahuan perbemoannya yg masih awam) akhirnya nyampe juga secara tidak sengaja (pas kusadari ada sekumpulan penjual pakaian musim hujan yang sangat menarik, ternyata emang itulah tempat yg dtuju). Disamping tugu pahlawan tuh memang heaven buat brand n quality surfer sperti ku, pusat perbelanjaan baju second yang terbesar di surabaya (menurut aq).ternyata manajemen penjual disini lbih tertata dibanding GTC (gembong trends collections), disini pakaian dipilah berdasarkan klasifikasi masing2, ada section kaos cowok, knitting, jumper, jaket, clana, dll, dan juga mnurutku pakaian yg dijual lebih bersih, gak bdebu kayak GTC. Aku sangat antusias menyibak2kan sederet pakaian, dan akhrnya kutemukan smacam jaket gaul made in korea dengan rantai2 kmilau (pa’an c) dan 2 buah cardigan dengan harga 25rb utk smuanya. Trus stelah capek searching akhirnya kita memutuskan menikmati traditional beverage “es Cincau” sribuan, haus lega uang masih bersisa. Kmudian journey dilanjutkan ke delta plaza (masih dengan bus istimewa), dan ternyata bus patas ac yang tak sengaja kita tumpangi Cuma jalan nyampe hotel simpang, walhasil kita harus jalan ampe delta, dan karna niatnya have fun kita nikmati jalan panjang itu, yang foto2 di halte dulu lah, yang ngliat reog di balai pmuda (skrg sring ada aksi bginian, mnyambut sparkling surabaya d kyknya), trus akhrnya dg prut kroncongan dan dikejar waktu nyampe juga d. stelah makan nasi padang daging super kenyal tak tertahankan di pujasera samping delta (journey yg kere critanya) sgera kita nyari t  oilet utk membasuh muka dan do retouch in order to keep this life balance (opo coba?). yahh…perjalanan kali ini brakhir di delta, satu pelajaran yang kuambil dari journey kali ini yaitu: pake sunscreen, tabir surya, uv reflector, mosquito repeller, kacamata item, topi safari, lengan panjang, back pack, air, duit receh, dan last but not least peta surabaya, kalo smua ini terpenuhi dijamin journey will run well n save happily ever after.

Rencana journey slanjutnya…..KBS (Kbon Binatang bau n super panas Surabaya
nyo2 kpanasan

sUPER sICK Silly Strange calls

Ini yang aku benci dari Teknologi canggih yang namanya hp, telpon iseng ato missed call ato sms nyasar, apalah namanya pokonya yang punya niat ganggu ato knalan2 lewat hp. Sangat membosankan dan menjijikkan. Dulu waktu masih baru2 punya hape seneng2 aja ama yg namanya knalan lewat sms ato jem2an, srasa begitu seru dan lucu. Tapi lain sekarang apalagi kalo jelas2 dari logat ngomongnya dia orang udik yang gak hip banget, rasanya pengen mual. Berlebihan mungkin, tapi..ya I’ll let u know the story. Sekitar hari sabtu tgl 16 des ini ktika aku sdang sibuknya nyiapin perlengkapan kendo plus costum buat nonton acara kojtsu, ada sepucuk missed call yg jelas2 dari nomer yg gak kukenal, awalnya kubiarkan saja coz ta’kira Cuma dari temen yg butuh dihubungi balik ato nunggu ksempatan kuangkat, tapi ini terjadi berulang-ulang sampai malam. Kupikir itu sapa gitu yang pengen bareng ke sphinx tempat acra ko jtsu digelar, tapi gak pernah bisa diangkat. Dan si orang iseng tetep kekeuh missed call2 sampe pada suatu malam aku gak betah, dengan bantuan cordless ditangan kutelp nomer itu tapi nihil, yg ada Cuma nada sibuk, suara mbak2 yg blg telp tdk dapat dihubungi, dll. Tapi aq gak nyerah kucoba lagi dan lagi sampe akhirnya diangkat walopun gak ada suara orang yg ngangkat, trus aku bilang “halo…halo..moshi moshi…yoboseo…whooi..”(aku gunakan jurus berbagai bahasa, coz sapa tau yg nelpon orang jepun ato korea, kan lumayan..hehehe) sampe akhirnya aku pake jurus drama queen “ ooo masalah itu tha? Tenang aja pasti takbalikin, jangan takut! Besok khan? Oke..dadah!”. trus ternyata tuh orang merespon dengan missed call2 ke nomer rumaku, bujubuneng ditengah malam dimana seluruh rumah lagi tidur dia seenaknya main2 miskol, wah nih anak cari masalah pikirku, langsung aja kutelp balik (msh pake telp rmh) dan walopun dia gak ngomong, langsung aja ku bilang “eh jangan telpon rumah dong.. please ini dah malem smua pada tidur..miskol hape aja deh…okeh.. lalu tiba2 si orang iseng angkat bicara “mbak ini sapa ya? Kok miskol2 saya?” dieng…nih orang gpp tha?. Kujawab aja dengan ketawa “hwahahaha”..trus dia blg “mbak dapet nomer saya dari mana?” kujawab lagi dengan ketawa lebih dramatis dengan tangan mnutupi mulut “hwahahaha..lha kamu bs miskol2 telp ini, dapet darimana nomernya? Hape khan? Ya sama!” ,tapi rupanya dia masih gak ngeh, “lho saya yang duluan mbak miskol, blabla bla” trus langsung kupotong “gini2 mas, sebelumnya masnya uda sring miskol2 hape saya, dan baru skarang saya telp pake telp rumah, paham mas?” lalu dia jawab “ooo gitu tha?” dasar baaakaaabon pikirku. Dan stelah dia sadar langsung kusuruh dia gak miskol2 lagi ke diriku, tapi dia malah ngomong “lho mbak ini siapa?..sampeyan siapa?” lhadalah pasti ndeso arek iki, dari gaya ngomongnya langsung kusimpulkan gitu, dijamin bukan mahasiswa terpelajar deh. “udah deh gak usa macem2, yang kayak gitu uda gak jaman lagi mas, dah kuno, dah betahun2 yang lalu gaya knlan kayak gitu. Udah deh gak usa miskol2 lagi ke rumah okeh!!nganggu nih!” kubilang. “sorry mbak saya emang anak gelandangan gak punya rumah. Mbaknya namanya sapa?” di bales. Ihhh jijay banget deh dengernya..”oo jadi kamu Cuma mau tau nama aja, okeh stelah kukasih tau nama udah ya, jangn miskol2 lagi!…namaku misao” ehh di bales “misao?? Moso’??” “iya misao earliche…udah kan, wis buyar yo!” trus dianya bilang “ belum2..mbaknya rumae dimana? Alamate dimana?” wis muntab tenan aku “kamu ini maunya apa se?!!” “saya mau tau alamate mbak dimana, mungin nanti saya bias kesana, saya pingin kenal, mbaknya kliatannya suara enak, renyah” cuih cuih cuih, udah deh gak banget. “ dah deh gak usah pingin tau2 aku, sebelumnya aku nanya, kamu dapet nomerku dari mana?” dia jawab “gak tau ada2 sendiri di hapeku” kubales “ oke deh brati kita sama2 gak tau satu sama lain, dah gak usah pingin2 tau deh, gak penting, aku dah punya temen banyak, gak butuh aku temenan mbe’ kamu, aku gak mau temenan ma anak yang suka miskol2 gak jelas, ganggu2in orang ditengah malem gak ngerti apa kalo disini smua dah pada tidur..bla bla bla” emosiku memuncak dan aku ngomong dengan penuh smangat tanpa henti, sampe2 suaranya yang bialang “mbak..mbak..” ketelen suaraku yang cepet dan berapi2 dan akhirnya dia menyerah sampai kudengar “tuuut…tuuut” hwhahahaha, beres smua pikirku, aku juga heran bias ngomong sebegitu tegasnya, aku ngerasa keren!hehehe. tapi kebahagianku hilang pas aku denger dering telepon rumah lagi, dering pertama lalu ilang, gak lama gitu lagi, dan lagi, haaaaaah. Langsung tuh cordless kubenamkan didalam bantal n aku lanjut ngerjain tugas sampe hapeku bergetar lama, n kuliat ibuku nelpon dari bawah, kukira salah pencet (orang satu rumah kok pake nelpon hp aneh kan), tapi trus kuangkat “ ki ada telpon ituloh, cordlessnya kan dikamarmu, jawaben ya!” aku bilang iya aja. Aku harus sgera bertindak pikirku, trus aku berjingkat-jingkat turun, maksutku telpon bawah mau kucabut biar gak bikin orang bawah bangun smua (aku tinggal di atas dewean), tapi ternyata ibuku bangun dan nunggu di depan pintu, kubilang “bu itu Cuma orang iseng, telponnya mau tak cabut”, ibuku bilang “lho kalo ternyata telpon buat ibu gmn?”, “ya tar aku angkatin dari atas trus tak kasihin ibu, okeh? Tnang aja bu” walopun dengan tidak paham akhirnya ibu nurut juga, beres pikirku gk bakal ada yg terganggu kecuali aku malam ini, dan emang bener tuh orang gila masih miskol2 rumah sampe akhirnya baterai cordless kuambil dan aku bisa tidur dengan tenang. Besoknya setelah pulang dari kul (pas dikampus tuh orang masih miskol2 aja) aku dapet kluhan dari pembokat, katanya sharian dia juga terganggu oleh miskol yang terus2an, tapi ntungnya ama dia dibiarin aja, haah dasar orang gila pikirku.
Yup bgitulah critanya, misteri orang yg mlakukan kejahatan ini masih belum terpecahkan. Kemungkinan besar orangnya ada diluar sana, orang gila dengan nomer 6281389128765 yang sedang mencari mangsa berikutnya, yang mungkin bias jadi kamu, berhati-hatilah teman. Ato mungkin ada satu diantara kalian yang punya hobi beginian, ohh please jangan buat dirimu dicari2 orang untuk dibunuh, tau gak kalo orang dah muntab alias emosi memuncak dia bias membunuh hanya karma miskol, percaya deh!.okeh STOP STRANGE CALL FOREVER AND EVER, COZ WE ARE HEADING TO THE BETTER FUTURE where all we want is just happiness and happiness and happiness everywhere. Peace ~