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Mii review Newlook playful soft lenses -brown & grey-


Newlook playful

diameter 14,2

BC: 8,6

43% water 57% polyhema

using period 3 months

price normal IDR 80.000

but i got it while on promotion buy 2 get 4 on optik Melawai, shared with my bff :p


the brown accent color is very fade with a bold black limbal

IMG_0981 IMG_0982

so does the grey, you almost unable to see the accent color here.



(not a acne clinic before after kind of photo anyway :p, ignore my pimple)

this is how it looks on my right eye, i think it’s just slightly bigger than my real eyes, perfect for gothic look, or smokey eyes.


IMG_0991 IMG_0995

without flash it appears almost no different with my the brown one (under), my bff even say it looks a fade blue.

but with flash it looks so awesome, made me looks like a snake (haha) yet mysterious and fantastic:p


the brown one somehow reminds me of a cat’s eyes, lovely and mellow. i’d like to accompany it with browney make up, or natural make up.

i dont really have any other comparison in the term of the color, but i found it wearable and some people didn’t notice that i’m wearing a soft lenses (brown one), but somehow i feel a bit tired using it, seems like my eyes nerves are working harder to see. but it feels comfortable, after a while it feels like i’m not using a lenses.

it comes in a jelly like state if i may say, rather than my first softlense (X2, zuhra) newlook comes thicker but somehow more gummy-er. i believe it’s related to the water content.

i think i’d give em 3,7 out of five for the tense feel on my eyes especially when i use it to work on my lappy, but out of that it feels comfortable, natural, and cheap enough for me.

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3 responses to “Mii review Newlook playful soft lenses -brown & grey-

  1. yeaaaay. finally youre back. :’)

  2. yaay! annual report 2012 make my dead spirit back alive..yay! kotoshi mo dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasuuu… *bowing

  3. Jen ⋅

    You need foundation and concealer to even out your blotchy skin, yikes

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