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mii Gyaru look make up tutorial


all the material i used are mostly an old collection. they are accordingly :

1. skin food black egg pore gel base

2. Skin 79 hot pink  BB cream

3. oriflame dual skin corrector

4. marks powder in creme

5. palgantong theatrical powder in light beige

6. majolica majorca majolook eyeshadow palette in GR750

7. majolica majorca cheek customize in PK333

8. bourjois blush 32 ambre D’or

9. sariayu eyeshadow set in besure

10. daiso powder eyeshadow in chocolate

11. babor pencil eyeliner in black

12. wardah lipstick in rosemary 48

13. missha light lip gloss in BE003

14. beautistyle eyebrow pencil in brown 02


pretty much bare face after my basic ritual cream by natasha then follow by skin food black egg pore gel base and then skin 79 bb cream hot pink, and not forget a bit of concealer. well my face i far from perfect as you can see, so no more explanation on that.

Imagethen i try to contour my chubby face area with warmer color blush (i dont have any bronzer or such)


i used my fave shadow palette. 3 of their color are used here, cream, black and white eye 1

i apply the cream color eyeshadow on the entire eyes, also on my tear line and tighlighting under eyes.

Imageeye 2

then i apply dark brown on my crease, since this shadow isn’t sparkling enough, i add the bronze shadow from sariayu on top of  it lightly.


eye 3

they look  shinier than before right?

then i add the daiso chocolate shadow on the edge of my crease, and a bit on the middle of ma eyes. IMG_0648

eye 4

next is i apply some black shadow from my palette to the eye line tightly following my eyes wrinkle at the end of my eyes, and under my eyes only aroun 1/2 part, creating a triangle under my eyes corner (well a different in leg kind of triangle, or just call it a “V” shape) . and then the pencil eyeliner is following the same step eye 5 openIMG_0651

as you can see, here’s the important point of gyaru style eyelining, over the tear line a bit.IMG_0654

then i top my pencil eyeliner with liquid eyeliner, well it sounds a bit wacky, but since my liquid liner is about to die, so that’s what i do to resurrect the intensity, well you always can skip one of the part anyway. eye5

the eyeliner ritual result


applying falsie

now apply the falsies, here is another point to get an extra large eye look that gyaru breath on, and extra care on falsies. an additional of partial falsies giving you all the access to the total look. and also on the way you apply it, like what i’ve shown in the picture, i pull it a bit far from my real eyes end, it’ll giving you the bigger effect i believe.

but dont forget to curl your natural lashes first before apply falsies.eye 6

falsies checked!


add a bit of pencil brow definer in a lighter color than your real color, because gyaru want to pop the eyes bigness nothing else.


almost done..


well i’m still on my long way to perfectness, so forgive my left eyes extra falsies dear..


for the lips go as nude as you can get, here’s mine from wardah in rosemary.IMG_0671

and a neutral gloss on top and say “umma..umma”, and your done! get dress and pose!IMG_0680

here’s my signature pose (i’ve learn from ageha magazine)IMG_0686

another tip is use a circle soft lenses, a pink blush (that i couldnt  managed to put it in here), and a eyeliner tightlining under your upper eyes, would do the cherry on top on this look. good luck with your gyaru look dear!

IMG_0729 IMG_0744 IMG_0711 IMG_0718 IMG_0724 IMG_0688 IMG_0701 IMG_0707 IMG_0763 IMG_0768

  *i’ll review my circle lenses on my next post.  




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  1. hayo Mi dipromokeun blognya. Banyak manfaatnya loh buat yang bermekap.. 😀

  2. piye carane mempromokeunnya mas? mas refer in blog ku dong di blog mas yg membahana ituuh 🙂

  3. piichip ⋅

    o_o padahal makeupnya mahal-mahal 😀

  4. gaxaogung

    Nice. I have a review of the best eyeliner for waterline here.

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