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Klinik Bisnis untuk wirausaha by smartfm, ITS, and telkomsel ; Mii review

i wake up very early that day, due to sudden invitation by my mate to attend an invitation only seminar at my former university. Hoping for an inspiring moment like before at ciputra university, i came with an open mind and heart. And after 1 hour late after the schedule, the seminar start. the first speaker comes from a character building company, he talked about character, and somehow i heard so many yawning and plastic noise, yup audience get bored. And so do we, and i somehow doesn’t like being question around on what kind of person i am, when the answer is only categorized in psychological group, and represented in colors, for me is just another horoscope on the back of teens mags.

the second speaker comes from ITS incubator, a new incubator on my university where burger krawu, and many others come from. she speak about her living in japan experience, and about the incubator’s activity a bit. oh well, it’s interesting but like a good old safety boots, me don’t need it. and so be it we spend our day listening to both, and then my mate left me for another errand he said, on the next speaker from telkomsel, well it’s an obvious matter that they presenting their product and stuff, that’s it, well it’s another info. and there’s another session when the speaker seated in front of a desk and a empty chair, like a doctor visit, they’ll answer to your question, well i got no question around, so i spend another 40 minutes talking to my next seat about what he sell, and oh’s come my insight, he sell coffee on a mobile basis, with a modified tricycle and he lived in my neighborhood (later day i saw his cart on the street and it’s awesome and huge). So inspiring and totally a network to begin.

bored and sleepy shoes

hmm.. 2 stars out of 5 then..sorry to say.


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2 responses to “Klinik Bisnis untuk wirausaha by smartfm, ITS, and telkomsel ; Mii review

  1. Dani

    well, at least you got one new network. 😀
    Why don’t you use that? Mobile Ice cream? 😀

  2. well i’m thinking of making one before i start making my cafe, well it’s a project future lah yaa..

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