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seafood and Long’s Nasi Goreng @Long’s chinese restaurant ; Mii review

after some consideration and coincidence we picked fancy red sign of Long’s as dinner spot. This Long’s restaurant have some chain in Surabaya, i ever taste one on ngagel, and this time we tried Tunjungan chain. Located on the opposite of the famous TUnjugan Plaza, this place is pretty eye catching, but cramped parking lot. after parking on the other part of the road at circle K, we walk a bit (that moment reminds me of our backpacking time in bukit bintang), crossing the fast moving main road and finally arrived.

this Tunjungan chain, is specified for seafood, so in the first floor there lots of fish tank filled with many kind of fish. but since we planned for a simple meal, we picked fast food Nasi goreng (fried rice). i choose Nasi goreng Seafood and he picked Nasi goreng Long’s. It comes up with a drink of our choose, from tea, lemon tea, to water. Cost only around 13.000.

my choices comes out very delicious, full of flavor, and one thing that amazed me, there’s an octopus on it. a pretty rare seafood that almost never comes out on a simple meal like nasi goreng. since i love those tentacle from octopus, even they size is super mini, i looove them so much, it’s like finding a gem in the rice, haha.

while my mate’s choice comes out slightly spicy and sweet, but still not as tasteful as mine. well he pick that only because it comes up with a fried egg (he need protein, he said), but in the end he ate mine’s a lot because the spiciness of his own choices.

meany matey..look at him taking my food and still stop me from finishing…that’s too much carb he said.

in the end Long’s is definitely a best choice for hungry tummy that need a healthier food, well in other branches they got so many vegetable based menu, and absolutely affordable price. But they were packed most of the times, so you need to be patient on crampiness. but the service is pretty good, our orders comes out on an average speed.

i’d give Long’s my 3.5 stars out of 5


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4 responses to “seafood and Long’s Nasi Goreng @Long’s chinese restaurant ; Mii review

  1. @ipams ⋅

    Errrr. I look hideous there! *matabelo

  2. muncul jugak ni orang, u will always look hideous in your eyes, well this is ma blog, i’m the one shud shining like a gem in the sun shine. dont comment too much i want to keep you as mysterious mr. broad forehead 😛

  3. Dani

    He looks familiar. Do I know him? *sharp stare*

  4. mmm..i dont think so, same society in a different era, ukba at teguh’s time.

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