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Pizza @ patisserie Francois, Grand City Mall Surabaya ; Mii review

pizza…pizza…pizza…a yayy!

Oh well, today is the first day of Ramadhan fasting, but here i am posting on a mouth watering food review…so be it, brace it tummy!


i got a buy one get one all kind of Pizza voucher at patisserie francois at Grand city mall from a bff, since the moment is right, last day of  not fasting day and she got finished her final test, so yesterday me and her meet for lunch at granci. and my mate jump in join us for a fancy lunch.


a stretched hot mozzarella..lingering

firstly we order pizza named fantastique pizza, a thin crust topped with black olives, green and red bell peppers, chicken, and onion, and i got tantalized by the olives, a rare topping that vanished from Pizza hut menu. to be honest it’s pretty bland, until my bff comment that she said i never thought that pizza would tasteless like this, later then she continued than since what she oftentimes ate are pizza hut which she called fake taste. i dont know whether it’s because this is originally comes without much tomato sauce or it’s original flavor is. but we got saved by the hot sauce and ketchup.

ps: Indonesia, especially Surabaya still hugely monopolized by Pizza Hut chain, there’s less affordable pizza that commonly consume by our people here, so somehow pizza hut is the only pizza we could reach.


for our second pizza my mate got the honor to choose, and he choose meat lover pizza, ahhh so common topping i said, but fine then we eat it too. this one comes pretty common with ground beef, olives, and so many cheese. the picture above is this pizza. i was more to the first pizza in the term of topping, but this one is more tasteful rather than fantastique. but overall the pizza is so so, if i dont have voucher in hand, this place is not my destination. for a plate of pizza that enough for 3 average mouth, cost 45.000 minimum. for beverage there’s no drink under 10.000 (small bottle of mineral water). enough said this is a fancy place, everything related with francois and it’s friends is indeed expensive.


she pick the drink, a mix between manggo juice and orange juice, with bubbles jelly, nata de coco and fresh strawberry, cost the same with a plate of pizza, cater 3 average mouth. nice and fresh, but the bubbles and stuff are hindering, hardly to pull out and less drenching the thirst. and their glass is also weird, the couldn’t stand still, how to say it, they got a lump under that make them swirling around like mad, and we oftenly asked each other, why do they pick this glass??only god knows.


dessert….a molten cake combi!

since she announced that she going to pay for us all, me and my mate hurray-ed and scream for another order..haha. and i choose this molten cake, since i’m very curious and i want to try to make some one day (and i def post it all over, lol). if u ask the price it somehow come up with the same price as pizza and drink, haha. it comes up with a combi with their own frozen yogurt and fruits topping. the molten cake is awesome, totally awesome, me likey, me likey so munch! haha. the lava that coming out from it is very nice, muddy, chocolaty, and not boring (sometimes i found chocolate is a boring flavor), and it comes out warm (i love warm cakes!). definitely om nom nom! i’m going to make soon!. the frozen yogurt is so so.

that’s it, patisserie francois dear, i gave you 2.3 stars outta 5


Happy Ramadan Fasting people!!




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2 responses to “Pizza @ patisserie Francois, Grand City Mall Surabaya ; Mii review

  1. Dani

    Well, they’re not so inviting Mi. By the way what was the fake taste of PH? I don’t get it. What is it?

  2. i dont know mbak izzah made that comment, maybe a common taste…or i dont know, she’s maybe never been tasting many kind of pizza from different makers, so in trying to describing the flavor she said “fake”.

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