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my unfortunate event : blackmailed and pick pocketed

rather than called sloppy i prefer this as disaster or plain bad luck.

That morning i was planning to work on my ice cream order, so i go gather the ingredient. i got my fresh milk already and all i need is just egg. a few days ago i heard some housewives talking about egg price, and one mom said she bought her egg on a almost 3.000 rupiah cheaper than the common price, and so i asked her where she bought it and i make a note on that. And so be it, with that information i’m heading to the traditional market around my neighborhood PASAR SOPONYONO. after some thought and walk, i got myself park on the other side of the market in front of Alfamart chain store. after walking a bit, i entered the market, as soon as i enter i found egg seller, i asked the price and the price is right i bought from her. after that i was thinking of  buying some chicken, and i go straight and buy them. and then i’m going back to my car (my bro’s car).

         When i was about to enter the car i look up on my key, they’re gone. Oh crap shiptt…i’m in trouble!. then with 2 kg of eggs in hand i’m tracing back my route with head look down looking for my key. after asking to every vendor i went (they said they dont know), i walk back, and on my way back i was thinking if it’s not falling, there’s a big shitty possibility that some thug pickpocket it, and if they did they could just easily runaway with the car, so i’m hassling back to my car. .. Thank god it still there. And silly me, i was left my cellphone inside of the car (it’s a lesson fellas), but there’s alfamart in front of me so i ask them to lend me phone. Needless say, my pa and bro came with spare key, and set me free. And after consulting with local police we decided to wait them to return my key.

           On the day after, there’s a becak driver asking for my mom’s address, and shortly i know he’s the finder (he found it on the license). but oddly he didn’t bring my key right away, and saying that he just asked to check the address, and the finder was a veggies seller at the market, he just ask for my mom’s number, but then i insist to give mine instead. And today the so-called-finder-but-definitely-thug called me with his ugly maduranese accent, pointless talk he asked for a ransom, with his consideration he feel like deserve a million rupiah for handling fee, with scare me with saying that i’ll spend more when i issued a new license. but then i beg (i was acting like he’s an angle with golden heartshit) and i said i only could afford 200.000 rupiah.  then he argue and settled on 500.000shit. and….my key returned….

the moral value is:

1. That is Indonesia ladies and gentlemen, where a civil citizen is nothing but a victim, in this case when you got blackmailed like this, police wouldn’t be a help, it would take money and time to issued a new license, or just to return in the thug, all you can do is surrender to the blackmailer.

2. Go to the Big chain super/hypermarket where there’ll be less hassle and haggle and thug. I was a trad’s market supporter but now they just a crappy shitty shanty place for me, burn them down and let them die (i’m mad)

3. Maduranese government need to do something on their shitty citizen, i’m not saying that there’s no other ethnics thug, but come on, it’s a common knowledge that your people is tend to be bad (i know i got some haters comment right after this, but me fine, this is a critic, thoughtful people would DO something rather than TALK nothing here). And well other ethnics do need to do everything on shitty citizen.

4. sometimes a dollar is worth to pay than a penny. that my own humble opinion, sometimes i’d rather reissues-ing license and paid a dollar than giving a blackmailer a penny, somehow to the extent of oh-kill-me-kidnapper than paying ransom, because sometimes it’s giving more liberation than other ways.

5. Preggers…deliver your baby on other better country. i’m proud to be Indonesian for a lot of awesome reasons, but i’m hell-y hate to lived in Indonesia for hell lots of shitty reasons.


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2 responses to “my unfortunate event : blackmailed and pick pocketed

  1. So sorry to read the incident Mi. It must be so frustating.
    What happened to me while ago was totally oposite. I dropped my wallet but somebody found and returned it to me with everything in it except the money which was Rp. 150 thou or so. However after the event I still believe kindness in poeple and I still love Indonesia with every inch of its flaws.

  2. u dont asked the person who found it bout the money? nowadays…there’s soosooo little of tht kind people who found something and return it kindly without any string attached, yang ada are thug act like a finder but then asking for ransom..that is. jadi inget liar game..

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