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oops and nabati cheese wafer ; Mii Review

i’ve been anticipating for cheese flavor snack upon their boom on early 2008 (just my raw information :P), and becaming their fan since then. But it’s been so long since i get my self snacking one of them, until my cousin (again) bring me back to the memory lane of  munching this kind of wafers, and made me refrain for more of it. So today i got myself comparing between this two brand that i could found on the rack.


On it’s visual appearance, it shown that Oops wafers having more orange-ish color than the pale yellow nabati has. and for the taste, richeese nabati a more to the sweet side and oops is more to savory side. Just like it’s color, oops delivering a major salty taste with decent sweetness to its wafers. While nabati having no problem bringing subtle but major sweetness and a kick of tangy cheesy flavor on it. while the wafer itself, i found that richese giving me a biting sensation with its controlled crispness, on the other hand oops are simply just crisp crunchy kinda feel, i like to called less controlled crispness.


in the end i am more to Nabati girl than Oops, the fact i just finish a slice and give the entire pack to someone else. and until then i never change my cheese wafers brand…hahaha, sounds too drama-esque.. 😛


just based on my own preference (Like always) i’d love to give richeese nabati wafers 3.8 and Oops 1.9 stars out of 5



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7 responses to “oops and nabati cheese wafer ; Mii Review

  1. danirachmat ⋅

    You should start to consider selling your blog slot Mi. Hahaha. It’s like youre doing paid post every now and then. Not a big fan of snack myself but always love cheese flavored cookies 😀

  2. teach me how mase…indeed i need muney..

  3. let the owners of the product know that you review theirs and increase the traffic of your site. Hehehe.
    My blog keep 60-100 people a day. 🙂 If there’s many enough people coming then you can promote things. 😀

  4. i’m still under that, but yesterday 20 jul i got 81 persons on how to let them know? send a direct mail u mean?

  5. Hudson ⋅

    Hair nabati your biscuit is heavy moment and I I’ll taste this buiscut is I glad it this buiscut I purchase every day 10 pkts another time the backers is not stocked lot of sale this buiscut and order it then u want I m tuticorin sanjay ayankar backers pls send him

  6. Sivaranjani ⋅

    Always am happy to eat nabati wafer…
    It’s really awesome especially that cheese flavour was excellent…..
    Price also very low….
    Keep your service like this forever…
    Finally I love nabati cheese wafer 😍😍😍

  7. Venkatesh ⋅

    Iam Venkat from Chennai tamilnadu
    2months before I worked in nabatti events in Below mentioned schools
    1 •Our lady matriculation higher secondary school – Kilpauk
    2•St.Annes girls higher secondary school – Royapuram
    3•Sir mc t muttiah chettiar boys higher secondary school – Das prakash
    Client name -Harshad
    Organiser- Arun
    Till now I didn’t got my payment 1100rs
    Please give my payment for that Event because Both of them didn’t gave me proper response but everyone got payment for that event still now I didn’t get

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