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Mom’s Birthday Cakes

Despite the scary look on the icing the taste is so awesome. I’m just a beginner baker, i always had bad luck on baking, but somehow it always pull me in to circle of it. And since it’s mom’s birthday i feel i need to try the  recipe by Cooking with the dog that i’ve been collected for decades.


the cakes come out great, bristling, light and moist, even though it’s not what cooking with the dog shown on it’s youtube video, i still feel satisfied with the result. But the recipe itself is very easy and work out well, they only use eggs, flour, little bit butter and milk, and the mixer do the magic. Oh my God i feel like rushing to the kitchen for my second trial.

the slice


i’ve been dreaming of making Strawberry shortcake like japanese had on their awesome patisserie or homemade. And thanks to Cooking with the dog i could make my dream come true. A smooth, light sweet, and moist cakes combined with creamy light cream and tangy fresh strawberries, definitely worth try!


i always be Cooking with the dog’s fans forever!


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6 responses to “Mom’s Birthday Cakes

  1. danirachmat ⋅

    indeed the icing looks umm how i put it.. challenging?. Bit eniho the cut made it looks desirable.

    Whos is that cooking with the dog?

  2. challenging jare..hehe. a channel on youtube where a talking dog and a housewife chef cooking, the video was awesomely edited and the step by step is easily copied.

  3. You make very gorgeous bakes, lovely! =)

  4. Hohohoho….
    Whoke2. Kapan2 nyobak ah. *keluarkan microwave*. Eh microwave gak bisa dipake masak kuweh ya?

  5. aahh you just too kind…but thanks anyway!

  6. isa-isa…sebagai microwave juga banyak resep di yutun, biasanya kalo microwave jaman sekarang bisa mode baking, grilling, dll, aq pake mode grill drumah, coz pencetan bake nya ndak isa hahaha

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