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Gotri’s Nasi Bakar and Pancake : Mii review


that day lunch is determined to be projecting to this place named Gotri, located on Ngangel, Surabaya. i’ve been recommended to this place for so many times by my teen cousins. He fallin love with Gotri’s pancake that he sacrificed crossing town to get their pancakes, yes that far.

the menu


So here i am with a BFF looking for tummy filler that one hot day. i got fascinated by the simple yet full of menu menus.

if you have eagle eyes you can notice that there is so many variation on the menu, sssssooooo many that made you dizzy choosing. And once again i’ve been recommended to Nasi Bakar, i pick that for my meal and a safe choice milkshakes as my drink. The price is totally cheap, for air conditioned place, and metal and glass cutlery (i just found my self detesting plastic dinnerware in a restaurant). Price range is around 10.000-25.000 rupiah for food and 5000-10.000 for drink, cheap aight?!


veggie juice and nasi bakar pepes tongkol

those hideous green juice my bff pick isn’t as taste as hideous as it look, i just faound it taste sour and fresh with limited sweetness, perfect for model diet 😛 . She pick Nasi bakar peskol (pepes tongkol) for here meal.

close up of nasi bakar pepes tongkol

once again you a super eyes power to find where the tongkol (fish) standing, because they were more to dusted and finely scattered on the cured rice. they taste good, and full of flavour and a bit spicy, and the came piping hot on the banana leaf wrap.

my safe choice nasi bakar kari ayam and vanilla milkshake


close up look for my nasi bakar ayam kari with lemon grass and lime leaf inside of it

i was pretty amazed by the lemongrass and lime leaf inside of it, since it cheap i wouldn’t expect for the small detail there. but yet it hard to find chicken meat on the enormous succulent rice. But unfortunately my thought-it-safe choice seems to end up tasteless and tasteless, i fell like i’m eating a lump of (well, almost) plain rice, yes, those lemongrass and evertything couldn’t help muct for the taste. they just give kick on the aroma.


gotri’s choco banana pancakes

even though we were full like hell, i’m still and still curios on their best critic pancakes. so i pick this choco banana pancakes from their only two choices.


the fluffy pancakes

served with vanilla ice cream on top and lots of chocolate sauce, this yes-i-admit fluffy pancakes is delicious. even with a full tummy both of us still have mouth to stomach this dessert. the pancakes taste savory than sweet, contrasting with the sauce and ice cream, so it was nice and delectable.


while waiting for my girl to pay for our lunch ( 😛 ), i look around and took some pictures. this place is packed during our visit, some customer event return home because it’s fullness. and the most of the visitor are indeed youngster, couples, but some others i saw are  old couples, family and workers.

the inside look


overall review for this place is NICE! i’d love to come back to try other menu, since they came in enormous variation, yet the service is good and fast. make sure you ask them for extra sambal and pickles, the’ll give you free!



i’d love to give 3.7 stars out of 5


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4 responses to “Gotri’s Nasi Bakar and Pancake : Mii review

  1. danirachmat ⋅

    Well, my previous comment couldnt published!

    The pancake sure looks more inviting Mi! And the price is considerably affordable.

    Theres so many typo in this post Mi. Sure that it must be the autocorrect option on the editor.

  2. ohh did it…ohh i need to be more details next time..but somehow now i feel tht spending 10.000 something on food like nasi goreng pretty not tht cheaply cheap..i guess.

  3. In Surabaya, 10,000 for nasi goreng is quite premium since the average is what? Rp 6 thou? as far as I remember. 😀

  4. now already 7thousand-an mas..

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