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gelato crepes and chicken pizza by Cafe Pisa : Mii Review

my so-called b’day meal


I was craving for a couture cake for decades, and since that day is my Birthday, i feel for a treat. After such an inspiring moments at Ciputra University (i’ll talk bout it later on other post), we drive in cafe Pisa. I’ve been loving this gelato for a while, since we brought my late Grandma there for a family dinner, and she loves ice cream (T_T miss u granny!).


After a long thinking (bout the price) my mind set to the crepes. said served with 3 scoop gelato and a layer of crepes, pretty much expensive for a 23.000 (or sumthing, i always failed to remember price, awesome!). And my always-hungry-and-hurry mate order a pizza in a flash.




gelato flavour that i picked are praline, black forest and tiramisu

and i fallin love with the praline gelato, it comes with a hazelnutty flavour and some candied fine hazelnut. it was so crunchy and creamy at the same time, totally love it. the other flavour was so-so, so i’m not gonna waste time review it. and i was able to taste some other flavour from the scooping counter, the rum raisins is bitter, too sharp for my taste buds.


the crepes is dry and thick, totally awful.


since i ever taste another crepes with an couture price on exactly next door to this cafe pisa (but now they changed into something else i don’t understand about) and it was blissful, so i can compare well, or maybe even an average reasonable person could just spit it right away without chew it. It sounds rude, but you got a fancy birthday girl here to impress, so could you please at least make a little effort here chef?!. okay i’m a bit emotional here, to give you my dear reader a real easy analogy is wonton skin dried in sun for 5 hour min. Or just simply a kulit pangsit or maybe a tortilla, that’s depicting the thick and dryness of this crepes. enough said they’ve been saved by the praline gelato, and i feel ok paying for the bill later on.


thin crust, 4 layer of pineapples and onion, with chicken chunk on a tomato based sauce…i guess it named for Hawaiian chicken pizza..maybe ūüėõ


i’m a thin layer crust kinda girl, and this pizza suit me. it taste good and priced much (well pisa cafe isn’t your fast-call nor¬†neighborhood pizzeria), but reminds me of my own handmade pizza, so somehow didn’t impress me much. But as i said before my mate was eating it like there’s no tomorrow¬†¬†so i start to dig into it in rhyme.


the b’day girl in her bad-hijab-day…proudly ugly-enuffsaid-..


thanks to my mate i have a company to spend my bday in style. (he look like someone else in this picture…hoo)


overall review are; if you were looking for a nice gelato u can refer to this cafe pisa, but for other than ambiance you can count on other if you feel like saving your money from wasted.


i’d give 2.5 stars out of 5


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