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the Taman Dayu ; Mii Review

the most photo shoot spot at the gate


pertokoan little shanghai at night….after closing time :p


another line of shops


food veranda


food veranda after 10pm


on the picturesque road to the villa, it was so beautiful.


the taman dayu waterpark, entry Rp 50.000/person


the kiddy area, small but sufficient.


water outbound are oftentimes held here.


the slides..yet i’m afraid to ride this one. 😛

how far the slide go…not far nor height but enough to get chills, and less ladder to climb, means more sliding time!!


overall i love this place, the villa, the food veranda, the waterpark, all of ’em. they might not big as waterboom or Olympics swimming pool, but for me who just enjoy slides and dipping, this is enough, coz for me less height and crowds means more times to slide and ejoy the whole place without fighting for space in a salad my point?! but if you were looking for adrenaline jump, then go to others. On the other hand the food veranda and food terrace food is delish and vary, from sate to nasi goreng, and the price is pretty damn right. I just love the place, and moreover it’s only 1 hour driving from Surabaya, sweet!


Have a nice holiday fellas!



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5 responses to “the Taman Dayu ; Mii Review

  1. Where is it located again?

  2. pandaan mas dan, kalo mo ke malang pasti ngelewatin, sebelum taman safari kalo dr surabaya.

  3. Hoo… Baiklah. Akan dicoba suatu saat nanti

  4. caesarian ⋅

    Itu harga ticket water park 50k/orang berlakunya per tanggal brp ya??

  5. kurang tau ya, yg jelas trakhir ksana masih sgitu harganya.

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