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Indofood Festival Pilihan Rakyat, Malang ; Mii review

it’a must photo shoot spot


i made my first solo journey to Malang from my hometown Surabaya (95 km), after driving alone for about 2.5 hours my cousins take me to the food festival held in Malang by big food company Indofood. And well it’s a food fest so eating a lot is definitely must do.


fresh from the oven but fastly became cold due to the weather .


with addition of raisin make this apple pie so delish!

once we walked around the booth, we notice some great baking smell. And yes the Apple Pie booth is upfront and they bake a big batch of homemade apple pie, we must be crazy if not get a piece in hand. with only Rp. 3.000 we get a freshly baked-palm sized apple pie. Made specially with local apples (Malang is famous with they green apple) the sourness and sweetness of the special apple blend well with shortcrust pie, totally worthy. and this apple pie is made by a local young entrepeneur, even i forgot the address and stuff but it’ll easily spotted in Malang.

tiny clam soup with lontong

since it’s very windy (4pm) and cold my body begging for warmness, and after going back and forth around the place i choose Kupang Kraton for my soup of the day. they give my a small stereofoam bowl of soup with 3 slices of lontong for Rp.10.000 a bit pricey for my range (i usually get for a bowl i could never finish). But it taste nice, i noticed they add a green condiment to it and i guess it’s a belimbing wuluh mixture to add tangy and kill the fishy from the tiny clams.


so yummy, but sadly it turned cold so fast, thanks to the Malang wind and weather.

i hadn’t got my lunch and it’s pretty late already, so a small bowl of soup still left me a hole to fill. And i already craving for a ayam bakar since the very moment i saw it. the stacked chicken are so attempting, and well my cousin want it too, so lets get some chicken for dinner. i blame the wind and weather for the less kick on the meal, ayam bakar is definitely best served hot/warm and that is also applied to rice. so when both criteria doesn’t fold together you can always guess the result. but this sweet soy sauce baste grilled chicken is pretty much tasty and fine despite the coldness. And indeed fill my tummy well. so we end the visit with taking picture in every things we thought is a good spot.


but overall festival kecap bango is more festive and merrier than this fest, the food is less and limited to the local vendor and the crowd is also lesser then kecap bango, but the good point is less hassle and queuing.


i give 2.5 stars out of 5


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2 responses to “Indofood Festival Pilihan Rakyat, Malang ; Mii review

  1. Waow. What a hard review. Kebayang garingnya sih Mi.
    Btw tiny clam soup with lontong itu lontong kupang ya?

  2. yuyui, kaget liat notif, dirimu smua komennya…haha

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