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Rainbow Cake; Mii Review

rainbow cake served on the Hardrock FM Surabaya’s 10th birthday party


i know it doesn’t fair to review or even judge by one sample. But i’ll do it anyway, because i do believe this one sampling i did represent most of the rest…rainbow cakes.


this cakes have been famous for couple weeks here in Indonesia, and yes Surabaya, i believe 9gag contribute on this hysteria. Many famous or non famous cake shop and bakery sell them, with obviously vary quality. Some of my friend been talk bout how dying he want to try one, the other keep on mention it in every post. I don’t budge, because i know exactly majority of the curiosity is just simply coloring, taste is just the same like other regular cake, and i believe coloring even worsen the taste.


i still prefer regular shortcake with strawberry and cream in between the layer or classic tiramisu cakes, or even go further with opera. So if you are one in the curious crowds go ahead and feed your curiosity, but no guarantee it’ll satisfied you, so be careful not to waste the penny, make sure you got the right rainbow to slide in.


Since it’s someone’s (something’s) birthday cake (well one of them, Hard Rock FM SBY got a lot of cakes), i won’t speak ill of it, i’ll hold my tongue tight. Thank for my out-for-a-cake mate to take me to this once in a lifetime such a birthday party, even there’s no Ipad doorprize like what have been promised, but i (we) had much fun on the radio. Hopefully more invitation comes in the future, coz i love putting a double layer make up base and strike a pose. 😛


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