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Pujasera Pojok Tunjungan 24jam ; Mii Review

the inside look


where to go after a short visit or mini party? a 24hour shop exactly..since we’re no longer teenager that suit to free-to-sell-alcohol-to-teens circle K or any fancy place, we headed to a calmer and sophisticated place, a 24hour pujasera, or cafeteria :P.


A place that reckon as new open by my mate, located at siola jalan tunjungan, the famous landscape that nowadays being resurrected after a long hiatus. Exactly at the corner or the road, with a barn-like theme interior, the sell so many food and beverage, from lontong balap to roti bakar. The place was full when we arrived around 10.30 pm, packed with family and older member eating, talking, and some other was watching soccer from a projector.  Realizing that that day is still Thursday and it’s already almost full house, we reckon that the place is selling good. Whether is the place is packed or the  service is suck, i dunno, but to get a ronde and gado-gado is taking more than 30 minutes from the time we ordered.


and then came my order….Ronde…cost me Rp 12.000 and regret.


as you might saw that it looks like a colorful mothballs on the outside, the inside is as hideous as the looks, the supposed-to-be nuts and sugar filling is unrecognizable and the skin is not fully cooked, a reason to get nuts in the middle of the night.


but fortunately my mate’s order is nice, so nice that made him humming and chanting so many times without any complaints at all.

“na’ah….i’m on a diet” he said, and i ate half of the carbo he left 😛

well indeed the gado-gade he got is nice, it just me who unlucky that night. they also provide wi fi here, so all you need is wisely choosing the menu.


this is pretty much a place to go when you looking for an all-nighters hang-out plus eating place. Since like what my mate said that this is the only place to play your ipad with a glass of  sugar free guava juice at 11pm, a better but not healthier option he said. Well, i agree, since i bet there is no other places sell a gado-gado, lontong balap, or even further semanggi in the middle of the night, at first i was suspicious with it, i mean there’ll be more wilted veggies rather than not on a veggies based menu sell in the night, but my suspicion was not proven, they served it as good as the morning seller. But one thing need to be careful during your visit to this place, the dark toilet, my mate found himself  chanting while doing his business in the dark.



i’d like to give 3.4 stars out of 5, yes i’d love to come again to try the other menu.


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One response to “Pujasera Pojok Tunjungan 24jam ; Mii Review

  1. Really, is it 24 hours? Sounds nice and looking forward to get to know the place.

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