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Marty’s Cracklin’ Snack ; Mii review

i’ve been going on trip often recently, and there is no trip without a in-road snack. Been bored by other famous brand such Lay’s and Chitato, i dare myself to tried a fish-skin looking snack called Marty’s cracklin’ with barbecue flavor.


somehow it looks like a cassava and indeed weird looking snack.


At first it taste like munching over an aged keripik tempe, dry, hard and soggy, but then after another bites, i start to recognize what am i eating, a mix between tapioca (for the cassava taste) and corn flour. A weird mixture indeed, because mostly snack are made with only one based flour. I guess this snack is whether a test or a side product over something else.

The barbecue flavor the said, taste like other snack with the same flavor, so commercial. and believe it or not there’s still a few leftover from last week trip on the sack.


2 stars out of 5, nah i won’t buy those weird things anymore.




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