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BRTC aqua clean massage cleansing cream review

i got this BRTC aqua clean cleansing cream sample, as a bonus for my sample shopping at an online shop



the inside after an opening accident occur, splashing around.


this is my make up-ed face, ready to get cleaned.


just a little dots on every where, and extra for eyes to get those waterproof eye make up off.


scarrrryyyy…..i take the picture in a hurry because it’s slurry down to my eyes after i rub it all over my face.


it takes two cotton both sides to clean the slurry furry over my face


another mess cleansed by the face cotton.


i’m cleaned! and show my very bare face…wooohoo, welcome home acne scars! šŸ˜›


overall review:

1. i love the texture, really makes me do the face massage, and yet no significant perfume aroma.

2. i love the after effect, my skin feel so supple, moist and cared. even though for you who seek a fresh feeling like after taking a wash with water wont feel satisfied with the after using feel, because it’ll left your face with a slightly oily and unfinished-feel state.

3. it really cleansed it all, waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick anything with no trace behind.

4. i would love to buy it if the price match me.. :P, but the sample size is pretty much satisfying for a once in while usage.


i would love to give 4 stars out of 5, it’s a good product.


this is the real package of the product


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2 responses to “BRTC aqua clean massage cleansing cream review

  1. Ini teh postingan berbayar? Hehehehe. Pake dipoto produknya full face (face produknya).

  2. sampun ngunu loh mas ndek ngisor dewek, masa indak keliatan toh?…btw sapa yg mau mbayar postingan beginih??

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