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BB cream review: Sunny series BB cream and Theatrical Powder by Palgantong

the (supposed to be) sunny set and Theatrical powder by Palgantong. The online shop where i got this is untrustworthy, they give me a “pink party” powder instead of the sunny series powder, but i found it hard to decide whether the stuff i bought here is fake or not (since they got all the label and stuff)

the swatches, i love the gel-ly consistency, the color is medium beige, and have a hint of perfumey smell

blend well into my skin tone with a hint of shimmering, and as you can see that the tone is still lighter than my real skin tone.

my bare-face before using bb cream, but i apply my morning cream (for my acne med) from my dermatologist.

after applying the bb cream by my finger, you can see that it toned down my scars, even though didn’t do much on my major scar

the theatrical powder by Palgantong

i find it very light but somehow hard to apply on my “wet” face, even when i use brush

after applying the powder

add some eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick and ready to go

is it me or the bb cream, giving me still the white cast and uneven tone that i don’t get from my older revlon foundation. Or the hard to blend powder, i dunno. but i’m still pretty much satisfied than my previous try with face shop.

overall review:

1. i love the texture, gel is working well in my face, so easy to blend.

2. didn’t giving my sensitive-acne prone skin a breakout.

3. i love the dewy finish on my face, i have a combination face,  oily on my T area and super dry on others, even so i love dewy look, somehow i feel natural.

4. i’m living in a tropical country so summer look works all times, if  i want the matte-er finish, i omit the other base cream and put more powder (in this case my other regular powder, that doesn’t contains any shimmering)

5. this BB cream work so well as base, giving me a healthy and better coverage without looking so cakey.

6. but i guess i wouldn’t buy again, since i’m looking on the one that helps me reduce my acne scars, spot, redness, and yet giving me moist and sufficient coverage.

so i give 3.5 stars out of 5


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