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Toekpokki a la Mii

i love this sticky little cakes that so chewy and spicy.Image

i always got an excitement over asian cooking, especially japanese and korean cuisine. After a big strike of korean wave struck me i found myself craving for a me made korean food, so far i’ve been tackled kimchi, kimchi derivatives (kimchi jigae, sundubu jigae, kimchi jeon, and kimchi ramyun), jajangmyeon, and mya fave toekpokki.

toekpokki is a famous and everyone’s street snack sell in a hawker cart at every market and some food street, or just merely everywhere in korea (i never been there, but the tv reference is somehow giving me enough picture). the taste supposed to be spicy and sort of salty, since korean love both of the taste. the rice cakes itself is a tasteless chewy stripes that balancing the spicy sauce. the taste and texture of toek reminds me of “klanthing“, but toek made from rice flour.

so here is my recipe:


150 gr toek

1 cup water

1 garlic minced

1 tbs gochujang/red pepper paste

1/2 tbs gochugaru/red pepper flakes

1/2 tbs chogochujang

1/2 tbs beef stock

1 scallion chopped

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp black pepper crushed

1 tbs sugar

1 tsp salt

how to cook:

saute garlic with a little oil on a hot pan, after turning golden and aromatic pour in water add the toek that already separated from each other (if you find it hard to separate them, just cut the stripe in half and boiled them, and when they turn softer try to separate them again, it would be easier), put the other ingredients in, gochugaru, gochujang, chili powder, sugar, salt, beef stock, and bring to boil, keep on stirring until the toek became soft and bloating a little bit and the sauce is very sticky and reduced become 1/4 part.serve with scallion on top.


gochujang / red pepper paste, on Indonesian version they translate it into “saus sambal” and i dont find it right, since they add fermented soybean paste on it.


toek / rice cakes, i got mine from papaya supermarket, and they were expensive 😦


chogocgujang / vinegar red pepper paste, just red pepper paste with vinegar, but this one is come out with a real pepper seed, and the purpose is more for dip and tabletop condiment.

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One response to “Toekpokki a la Mii

  1. Arya Maulana Pradana ⋅

    Sis, klo beli gochugaru dimana? Lagi nyari nie buat bikin kimchi sendiri. Thanks before.

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