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Salmon Teriyaki Don by Sushi Tei; Mii Review

value for money!

Sushi Tei are one of my favorite restaurants in the world. Since the moment i step into this Japanese Sushi bar i fell in love with it. The food they serve is delicious and worthy. the place is nice with a sleek modern and japanese twist, made me feel so comfortable having my meal time here.

One of the best menu they have here is this, Salmon teriyaki don for around RP. 58.000 (or 68.000?? i forgot), u got a box filled halved with succulent rice and topped with a simple grilled Salmon with teriyaki marinated and glazed, well a few pieces of edamame beans will also accompany it.

The sweetness of the glazed is simply amazing, melted in your tongue like a hot summer day. the salmon itself grilled until it’s perfectness, soft and hard at the same time. Whenever you got this food served in front of you, it’s definitely your birthday that day!. Sometimes people find that teriyaki styled marination is too sweet like dessert, but this one here is not, a different from your everyday-franchised bento for sure.

I’m pretty much a frugal person, that some-why couldn’t spend even Rp. 10.000 for a bowl of meatbal (bakso) when i feel that is so overpriced. But this Don right here is always got my warmest welcome on my wallet, somehow i got the value for the money i spend on every bites of this salmon. And one thing i’m not a big fan of fish, any kind you name it, it would be on the very last list of my food chain. So for you who need a treat for yourselves after a rough day, here is definitely the place for you to run to. unfortunately recently i got the feeling that the service somehow downgrading, what i mean is the waitress somehow didn’t pay too much attention on the customer, while those 10% goes to the service charge in the bill. But in the end, the food still awesome.

4 stars out of 5

i always crave for a miso shiru on every japanese meal i had, maybe it’s age thing.

Sushi tei can be found in Tunjungan Plaza, Galaxy Mall, Ciputra world, and…..i dunno where else. 😛


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3 responses to “Salmon Teriyaki Don by Sushi Tei; Mii Review

  1. My favorite from this sushi restaurant is still its takoyaki and salmon sashimi sushi. I couldn’t eat fish at first but thanks to Sushi Tei I eat raw fish. 😛

  2. emang ada takoyakinya ya? apa karna saking mahalnya jadi gak keliat mata..hahaha..i still prefer cooked food. kapan2 kalo bepulangan ke surabayaan ya..kita bermainan makan2 kesindang yuuk..

  3. hahaha. Ngga kok Mi. Harga takoyaki di Sushi Tei mah standar.

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