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Corned Beef Omelet a la Mii

not the best-good-looking food but give taste that made you ask for more

It’s my friend that bring me back to the forgotten beef corned flavor to my plate. Since our intense frequencies on late night chat, so it’s impossible that both of us didn’t influence one another late nite nibbles menu.

And there she gone “afk” in the mid of our hot gossip, flashing downstairs to the kitchen and wiz up a food later i know is an corned omelet. The thing is she’s doing it quite some times, and almost like on a daily basis, we met around 10.30 pm and around 11 pm i’ll be talking to myself.

So here i am got intoxicated by a an old treat Corned omelet, i’m not a fan of this canned meat since i was a kid. I don’t like the greasy fat smell and taste on corned, i always failed to feel that as a real meat substitute. Well somehow i also missed the taste so much every moment my friend type the word “corned omelet”. So challenge accepted, i need to conquer this packed block pinkish meat.

On my first attempt, i used any material i found on my cafe  office, white eggs leftover from making ice cream, and garlic and salt, that is, and i found that failed giving me the sensation i was expected.

But then on my second attempt, i found that this recipe works pretty much well, but not yet perfected, but still worth to share.


i used sachet corned beef with chili spiked, and found it not economist, better buy it bigger can next time.

50 gr (1 sachet) corned beef (mine is pronas with chili)

1 clove garlic minced (i took the biggest one)

2 clove shallot minced (i stir fry it first together with garlic until slightly browned and aromatic)

2 eggs

1 scallion sliced

1 tsp curry powder

salt and pepper

it’s need a best ratio to produce a best crispy fluffy corned omelet.

how to cook:

just mix all the ingredient well, pour over a sizzling oil in pan, fry it until golden brown and cooked. Serve with any condiment you like.

since i want to reduce the grease odor, i put a fried garlic and shallot as much as i could, and also curry powder kick the weird odor out.

mine’s end up a bit runny on the center, well…burnt, but crispy on the side and yet delicious. I found dried flat parsley on fridge and just literally crushed it and scatter, and it flattering.

serve it with chili sauce, ketchup, mayo, and topped with (supposed to be fresh) parsley, and don’t forget a bit accompany of carbo (for me is definitely rice) for lunch.

*Attention: this not quite a healthy choices for late nite snack….but who’s mind thinking at 12 pm 😛

Happy cooking and g’luck!

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4 responses to “Corned Beef Omelet a la Mii

  1. Bukan post berbayar dari P****s ka Mi?

    Mengundang selera dan kenapa jam segini bacanya???

  2. semestinya bukan tapi sedikit menyarankan si P****s untuk menjadikan berbayar..hehehe..
    karena postinya tengah malam, jadi terbacanya pagi2…sini ikut UTC GMT *apalah

  3. Baru baca notifikasi. UTC GMT apaan sih???

  4. hahaha…ituloh mas sing buat nandain jam ikut bagian mana apa gmn, ngasal aja, sok inget gituh…waktu amrik kalo g salah..kek wib wita gitu lah..kyknyaaa…haha

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