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Fitbar snack : Mii Review



i got hungry, and this is my emergency snack for just a few minutes ago. I got this grain bar from an indomaret along the road, when i got to Malang, just today. This kind of snack bar is obviously not a new thing in the snacking world, but somehow me who just another potato chips kinda girl is found this snack bar fascinating. 

I’ve tried a soy bar before but found it not my cup of tea, then so i thought a bar snack would be the same all over the varies. Until i got a similar grain bar from a friend snatched from a 5 stars hotel lounge, so the brand is indeed foreign, and yet the label is also weird for me, a various nuts bar with yogurt, but in the end it was nice and quite filling.

So i dare myself to try another snack bar today, this Fitbar is pretty awkward on the label (Fitbar made me correlate it with a gym tool :P). But the ingredients is looks like normal like peanuts and rice krispies with a fructose glue. When i bite it it was crunchy and light, since the nuts isn’t nut-ly dominating. the flavour is simply light sweet without too much gooey feeling, less sticky on my teeth. My verdict is this snack bar that cost me around Rp 6.000 is pretty value for money, tasty, and healthy. 


for you who loves snack including trying new snack, this fitbar is a worth to try. But if you just a simply choco wafer person then this would be less satisfying for your snack tooth, since it would gone in a 3 bites.


2.5 stars out of 5

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6 responses to “Fitbar snack : Mii Review

  1. Guess that Im through with this kind of bar-snack Mi. Hehehe. Tried some of them with the same result. 😛

  2. what?? resulted in a buff arms after 3 bars just like holding aaqil for half day?? wow. 😛

  3. sky ⋅

    hmm,,, do you know that fitbar have 6 gram of sugar?? there is not really suitable to who want to buiding muscle people….just opinion, not offense

  4. actually i don’t care on how much sugar they contains of, all that matter and in fact i’m review on it is the flavor and worthiness.. weightlifting is obvious the answer for buff result. But thanks to care to comment, have a nice day sky ^_~

  5. Wow.. Sky is just so informative…

  6. Jessica ⋅

    Looks like a granola bar but dang this thing is tasty. Do you have any good recommendation for this kind of snack? Because i tried to minimalize my addiction towards chips and chocolate. Nice review btw

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