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Pasar Malam Tjap Toenjoengan : Mii Review


For any of you who loves street food and crowds, Pasar Malam Tjap Toenjoengan (PMTT)is the right place to be. Located at Tunjugan Plaza backyard, or parking lot, or just a lot next to sheraton. This fair is annually held during the Surabaya’s anniversary month. Well indeed during may-june Surabaya will always have a lots of event to attend.

Back to PMTT, once you step into the crowd, you’ll presented by the stall that selling food, drinks, snack, and even cell phone, that traditionally or locally made and famous in Surabaya. With such a traditional ambience, a local music, local languange used by the MC and so many signature food, will indeed make this place worth a try.

But one (or more) thing to remember on an event like this, is somehow some of them are overpriced nor overrated. This is one of the example:


isn’t this look so hideous, isn’t it reminds you of swamp, or swampthing, or both. This is a drink (or cocktail) called Es Dawet Durian and cost Rp. 10.000. For me who loves dawet and fair price, this is too much. Dawet supposed to be a rice flour made dough that boiled after sieved through a big hole strainer (or a mold, or a shaper, oh whatever), and supposed to be a concoction of a cendol, coconut milk, tapioca balls (mutiara), sago pudding, and palm sugar. And since they bring Durian as a main theme there, there supposed to be a good creamy Durian there. But na’ah (no) there just a lots amount of green colouring and shitty Durian, a lil of this and that (that is unrecognizable). And dont mention about the price, for a lavish complete gourmet style of dawet that i used to buy at the local market is only cost me Rp3.000 or Rp 5.000 at top. so it’s definitely an overpriced things.

The other thing i bought is a bowl of Bakso, this one i found it nice, tasty and normal. And my mate was buying a Burger krawu, which i found it usual, a different way to eat a regular nasi krawu, and a wierd cireng, and also an aloe vera drink from Jamu iboe.

well overall the place is pretty much fun, gives you a lot of choices on what to nibbles or even dine. but one thing to prepared is more cash, because you’ll find it more expensive than the regular price you’ve meet on your regular seller.


 “na’ah, you can’t afford it….!”  said my mate


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2 responses to “Pasar Malam Tjap Toenjoengan : Mii Review

  1. Though prices are marked up, find yourself among the crowd itself already a fun experience. Wish I were there… 😦

  2. well if you comes with a groups of serious eater, you’ll might find a chance to enjoy the meal, ambiance, and even seating place. hope you were here and young….huahahaha :)) (eniwei gak usa ampe kebawa mimpi lo mas, ndak worthy…biasa ae..)

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