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Mii Review : Gado-gado Ria Restaurant Grand City Surabaya

It was a very late lunch and since i didn’t catch any breakfast, i crave for a full course on a meal…Gado-gado is what that describe it all. A lavish meal, with savory peanut sauce over a vary veggies and topped with a nutty crispy kerupuk melinjo. So be it, gado-gado for lunch at a very Indonesian restaurant Ria Restaurant located at Grand City Surabaya.

When my order came, i found it very tantalizing, so mouth-watering (well i’m super hungry, whaddaya expect!) and such a feast on my visual. a mount of hidden veggies and lontong surrounded with hard boiled egg, kerupuk udang, and kerupuk melinjo. without further a do i dig my spoon on it and the sauce is like dripping over my treasure hunt. And when my first scoop landed on my palate it was a burst of flavor, sweetness… savoriness…and pleasure. I somehow satisfied with it. Then this belly get greedy, they’re asking for another scoop of treasure, and so there’s me and arms working, digging more and more scoop to be delivered to my belly.

But there is….something stopped me at 1/2 portion of the meal. i got stuffed by the over bearing sweetness  that occupied my palate, and they’re so somehow off-turning. What i expect for a perfect Gado-gado is savory flavor with a hint of sweetness and a specific taste of herb and coarse nuts.  And somehow it turned out that the sweetness come out playing a bigger role on it’s half  show played  at my mouth.

Then my lunch mate got curious with it, why did i stopped digging on my plate. He taste it and yes the same over bearing sweetness he got on his first scoop. And well we decided that it was a good meal but doesn’t worth another visit.

beside gado-gado i also ordered a Tamarind drink, a sour and sweet mix in a glass. i like it, i’m a type of person that loves the combo of sweet and sour, and this tamarind sourness is a different way of sourness to compare with e.g lemon. And indeed this drink drenching the stuffiness from my over-bearing sweetness meal.

And one thing i love from Ria Restaurant beside it’s ethnic Indonesian nuance is they gives a variant of Kerupuk for free. So if you love freebies, this might be one of the place you’d love to be.

And my lunch mate order is also failed to impress his palate. I didn’t have the chance to taste it (well both of us are hungry and i didn’t dare to ruin a lion’s appetite :P), but he left a significant leftover and decided that he wouldn’t come back for more. Well as far as i’m concerned, his plate is beautiful, full of different kind of condiment and look so promising. But in the end this mouth is the one who eat it all not the eyes.

a 2 stars out of 5


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