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ebi Takoyaki a la Mii

ImageTakoyaki is one of my favorite snack, creamy inside with a bite of surprise in the core and slightly crispy on the outside. Takoyaki is best eaten while still piping hot with oozing sauce and mayonnaise. Since that cooking is my passion, trying to cook takoyaki is definitely on my list. So today after got the mold from my aunt (or snatch it exactly :P) i drag myself to the kitchen and create this lil round heaven, with a lot of moderation 😛

the Recipe


1 cup (125gr) cake flour

2 cup (480ml) cold water

1 egg

1 tbs instant beef stock

salt and pepper to taste

for filling:

scallion sliced to taste

leek sliced to taste

dried ebi

cornflakes crushed

salt to taste

how to make:

1. On a bowl whisk together flour with cold water, add the beef stock,egg, season and mix well. set aside

2. Mix together filling ingredient and set aside


3. preheat your cast iron mold on a medium high heat and brush with oil.

4. pour the batter into the hot mold until 2/3 part of the mold, scatter the filling inside.


5. after a minute or so flip them  90o (with a bamboo skewer or a stick)so their uncooked inside is flowing out and make another part of a circle.

6. after another minute flip them upside down until u can see their round part.


7. continue flipping until they turn golden brown.

8. take them out and enjoy with takoyaki/okonomiyaki/tonkatsu sauce and mayonnaise.

if you find it hard or too lazy to shop you can omit the sauce and just go with mayonnaise, or if you prefer you can use whatever sauce that ready in your pantry (ketchup, hot sauce, soy sauce, tabasco, or even chocolate sauce if you dare). Or if you feel like making it from scratch, you can follow this recipe. I made mine with omitting garlic, ginger, and sake, since i’m so lazy, and my sauce end up great as another famous brand.

Happy cooking and g’luck!

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4 responses to “ebi Takoyaki a la Mii

  1. danirachmat ⋅

    it looks yummi-er here than the one that you put on facebook. Hehehe.

    If I were going to cook and sell it based on your recipe should there be any profit sharing? 😛

  2. surely do.. :P, but before that…have u tried to cook it? coz i was a bit rough on measurement..hehe
    well it was the almost same picture i guess, different angle different nuance…:))

  3. i love what you are making here so simple and creative !!! yum!!!! i was trying to read your about but couldnt find it?

  4. thank you circleofit, hope you try to make it someday in your kitchen. i’ll try to manage my blog even better in the future and those about page is on the top list..:P

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