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Gosh! im confused!

since a very long freeze, i came here again, and now I’m confused…what shud i write?? about how gloomy i became lately? no..its too sad..about pemilu 2009?? nah..its to massive and obvious..about my recent activities? was just normal and cool..about my immature act nature? ooh it was just boring..

so in the end i just try to sing myself a lily allen song’s :

” I dont know whats right and whats real anymore
I dont know how Im meant to feel anymore
When we think it will all become clear
Cuz Im being taken over by The Fear ”


About misaoearliche

for Now i’m an enthusiast customer, a sweet reviewer, a cook lover, a recipe maker, a fancy hijab style-er (not really a stylist), a creative post-er, a frugal buyer, a seeking-for-eternal-love lover, an intimate craft-er, a crazy knowledge finder, a food picture taker (not yet a photographer), a seasonal traveler, a friend seeker, a mall go-er, an ice cream artisan and an entrepreneur.

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