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Hobby baru (ngomentarin blog orang laen..)

Errrrr…..Romance (perhaps!)

I have read some scientific words bout how love or romance works.

“…There are the flowers you buy and the poetry you write and the impulsive trip you make to the other side of the world just so you can spend 48 hours in the presence of a lover who’s far away. That’s an awful lot of busywork just to get a sperm to meet an egg–if merely getting a sperm to meet an egg is really all that it’s about. …”

“…Human beings make a terrible fuss about a lot of things but none more than romance. Eating and drinking are just as important for keeping the species going–more so actually, since a celibate person can at least continue living but a starving person can’t. Yet while we may build whole institutions around the simple ritual of eating, it never turns us flat-out nuts. Romance does….”

It does pretty well make sense for me.
That words are quite shaking indeed, and i admit–more or less–that’s what i am now.

However, so passionated i am on you that i will neglect if what i am having with you now called romance.

Cause, yes for sure, i am expecting hot “session” in marriage but that are just what so called as “one from many” to be with you. Perhaps you wonder, so from 1 as top excitement to 10, which number would be given for sex…, honestly for me that would be the fifth.

The first and and the second is gonna be your very existence for me. It gives an unlimited stimulation on my particular jolt in brain to emit some dopamine hormones to achieve something great, push me over the edge to do more, and eventually dedicate the result for both of us to gain a happier life. Your existence for me means thousands of support that i need to run my life faster. It is like an additional supper booster that if it is missing, it is gonna be adversely happened. The third would be carrying your kids inside of me, it’d be felt like a magic. And the fourth is relieving you from all roughness in these rough world.

to gain a happier life this I disagree, I think for me it’s not just about a “happier” life but its more to a “nicer”, “more remarkable”, b’coz I believe it’s not only contains with “happiness”, but also bitterness, roughness, plainness, coldness, which not intended to create a happiness but at least it caused it to called remarkable, memorable, tears droppable.

to run my life faster if it’s me I don’t want my life run faster, the faster it get the sooner it end, life is just a moment and if it’s with you I want it to be slow, living it bit by bit, minute by minute, moment by moment, experience every simple things together..

Carrying your kids inside of me, fortunately it’s not only “your” but our, and also the world’s kids, they don’t really just belongs to us but also belongs to themselves and the world. And carrying a baby  it belong to magic, why because no man can made any sperm and egg and of course  a baby. and for me having a baby its one of the consequences of getting married, it’s the people’s demand from a married couple, dont really feel like majik..hmm

this post made by my hunbanchan, the post that i never able to read before. and because when i read i feel that i need to say my objection then i write this, with a lot of respect to her opinion and everything inside, i just want to make this post just like an antithesis or whatsoever it called. maybe this is just an negative version of her positive, needles to say i’m just writing what’s in my not do smarties brain.

and if i got to make my own perception of marriage, this is it:

1. i got the sparing partner, in everything happened in my life and for as long as we could handle or what people said “forever”.

2. i got the challenge to be creative in handling/revealing the mystery of marriage or what people said with “couples war” or “differences”

3. i definitely got the joy of sex, playing with “durex play”, and enjoying the power of it in my marriage life.

4. be inside of the real love…(hard to explain…)

5. would be let myself bonded or bonding to him and everything attached to him, or what people said with -in law family

6. obviously baby…a baby that born from our, in our, to our, responsibility..

and the point of all of this “marriage definition” in me was nothing but challenge, hard work, and lots of creativity besides happiness in love and life.

happy searching for the one who’s looking, happy defining for the one who’s searching, and happy revealing for the one who’s living.

(* maksutnya selamat mencari buat yg lagi nyari, selamat mengartikan buat yang lagi mencari arti, dan selamat mendefinisikan buat yg lagi menjalani…hmmm….)


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