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if people give u advice to cope ur heart break time by saying “ooh it’s ok time will heal” or “he’s not the best for you”, dont buy that coz it’s just a F*%$ lie. here’s a real tips for you heart breaked’s (or whatever u may called)
1. dont even try to forget the person, dont try to stop contacting, just do normal, or make it even often, and when the rejection come and come suck it, keep it, feel the pain, untill u want to pyuck and pyuck till drop.
2. dont try to throw out all the memories and goodies, just remember it everytime u have a spare time, remember all the sweet memories and look at the goodies all the time (put the picture of u two everywhere near, and all the stuff in seenable place). remember it untill u wept like a river and ur nose bleed, the more swallow u got the more satisfaction u feel. the best time do it is everytime before sleep, wept untill u fall to sleep and wake up with an oscar winner for the best swallowed kind of eyes.
3. listen to the heatbreaked songs (eg. “so sick” by ne-yo)
and love songs (any sweet love song is ok) or even ur theme song over and over again. stay away from a inspirational songs like “let go” by frou frou or “life is wonderful” by jason mraz, or any other that include a tips to survive, let go, or happiness.
4. think about this starter passage : ” how unlucky i am” “why our loves is not enough to get he/she’s loves”, “what did i’ve done wrong?”, ” why me?”, (if u have other killer question better share one)
and think about the ugliness, the badness, and the weakness that we have which (assumed) make he/she dont love back.
DONT think that this is a “destiny” or “the best for us” or “a warning sign”, coz those things will never make u satisfied.
and also keep on thinking how great and good he/she is, all of the kindness, all of the sweetness, more than 3 times a day (and bring a 3ply extra tissue just in case u weep in an apropriate place).
5. started to looking for runway, like snacking, flirting, smoking,etc or everything that for all this time we halt because we want to look good in he/she’s eyes, do what ur heart want, but suicide is only for a coward coz by choosing suicide u wont be able to feel anymore, which make u cant feel the bitterness and the pain of being heartbreaked, so there’s no fun of it, we need to live to make the feeling of breaking come to lives.
6. talk about it, talk to everyone how suffered u are, how sad u are, how pityfull u are, and weep in their lap or shoulder, spread the pain, not to make the pain less but to make u even more remember it. wear black to comemorate, remembered the date u breaked, drink bitter coffe to add the bitterness, and dont ever ask him “is there still a hope for me to get ur love?” and “what can i do to make u love me” stuff coz it’s not about him it’s about u, ur heart, ur feeling, which is ur own problem not he/she’s.
7. dont try to do homicide or a revenge. why? coz without him/her there’s no living clues, no real bitter producer, no heartbreaker, and no more tips to make this pain even more great kinda feeling. if he/shes gone or dissapeared then u dont have more fun with ur heartbreak time no art of how to make its supreme pains.
u know there’s always bee a sweetness in a bitterness even its a tiny little bitsy

nb: im just an impulsive brokenhearted..relaxxx..tx u fettie my super wise guru


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