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live from the office

since im i got to wait for the instrument is heating up, i write this..
today i realised that for all this entire week i still fell like this is a loooong vacation to south kalimantan, i still dont feel like it’s goin to last for more than a week, for the entire 12 month untill my contract end.
everyday is nothing but a daily routine, 4 am (WIB, coz i keep the surabaya time in my cellphone) i woke up take a breath..turn around turn off the alarm and sleep again untill 5, and get up too cook for my lunch (and the watch outside shown its already 6.30 WIT *they make it 20 minute earlier to warn the kids), cook this and that until 7 WIT take a bath and get ready for work, around 7.30 WIT i go out the house to sit in the bench near the road to wait for my hitcher(nunutanku). silence in the road it’s nothing but daily life. once i arrived i put my lunch in my locker and go upstairs to my room, a very cool and dry palce where the AC got to set up to 18oC and the humidity is not more than 57%. turn everything’s on and cleans the cell the table and evrything, preparing samples and stuff and wait until 10 am WIT. when its come to 10 i start to do sum test in the istrument in which i got to locjed the door and put the do not enter sign. and in 30 minutes i locked inside the room without any access to the computer(while the test it is prohibited to use the PC for other purpose). while waitinf freezing i try to listen to the music or eating or send sms to friend (or do all in the same time). and after the test is done i started to get busy scanning the sample until the break time come.
when its come to break i eat alone in my room and talk to myself like “yummy..oishii..cute..” or other. and after i finished my lunch i play zuma in the computer while the song from my cellphone played along. and finnally time to work is come and i start to scan again (if the sample is still remain) but if there’s no sample all i do was back to break scene again, which is playing zuma or other lame thing to do. and when the time is around 4 i start to print all the result from the scanned samples and reporting it to the BOs and also ask to him with whom i go home with. and after that i wait until it’s nearly 5 WIT and start to turn everything’s off. and go home with anyone that want to hitching me.
and once i get my feet to the house i changed my cloth, take a bath and start to eat (if i dont hurry my aunt will called me all the time to eat) and after eating i start to numb..dont know wht to if im not smsing people or calling ’em, all i do was just wandering around in my bed, or do anyother thing half hearted. or if i’m lucky my uncle let me used his car to go shopping in the nearest hero (coz there’s no public transportation after dawn).
and thats all ovr and over again, when it’s come to sunday its a laundry day, and thats it..
hopefully i still have my spirit inside and live life the best it could in order to maintain what’s so called happyness or keeping my insanity level in the standard.
all i wished for is just my friend out there was sill support me and cheer me up and contacTing me anytime..ohh life is supposed to be wonderfull..


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for Now i’m an enthusiast customer, a sweet reviewer, a cook lover, a recipe maker, a fancy hijab style-er (not really a stylist), a creative post-er, a frugal buyer, a seeking-for-eternal-love lover, an intimate craft-er, a crazy knowledge finder, a food picture taker (not yet a photographer), a seasonal traveler, a friend seeker, a mall go-er, an ice cream artisan and an entrepreneur.

3 responses to “live from the office

  1. indrapamungkas ⋅

    MBAK shau, . .*HUGGING*

    i will always support you, always, . .
    walaupun seems like i’m little bit ignorant, but, believe it or not, i’m praying for you.

    hehehe, . .saling mendoakan yah, semoga diberi kekuatan untuk melanjutkan kehidupan,. .take care!

    ps: find friends there!

  2. thegoeh

    Lately my daily routine is…arrive 8.30 am sharp..but diengggg, the office still locked..taraaa…syalalalalalaa…*berdoa semoga taip hari kunci ilang dan ketemu setelah jam makan siang*…

    Mbak..ojo maen zuma2 aja..yg laenn..empire tah..opo gitu,
    Saya mendoakan semoga tetap bahagia, dan ceria like used to be…

  3. ryanie_kim ⋅

    not bad……….

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