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shaumi’s a to z

A – Age: 23
B – Band Listening to Right Now: frou frou – details album and imogen heap – speak for yourself album
C – Career: college student graduation to death or greeny announcer with no guts (if I may say)
D – Drink or Smoke: smorinK: smoke n drinkin….coffe
E – Easiest Friends To Talk To: fettie, jupe (not in line now..miz u girl), nyopi, anggi (I’m tryin to think longer, is there any other, or this one is out from list or…but seems like its already fine)
F – First Crush: Angga Priyambodo Subagyo (how many gurls u’ve been layin ha?seems like fate never link us, u always sum1’s boy, but I still have u’r “the colour and the shape” cassette left to remember)
G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: cola flavour’s gummy bears
H – Have a Boyfriend / Girlfriend: Not yet, not choose one yet nor being chosen yet 
I – In love: Hmm…nothing in particular…yea sort of..another question please..
J – Junk Food You Like: frenchy fries with sauce..yeaaa creamy yummy sauce
K – Kids: not yet the era
L – Longest Ride Ever: (maksute nyetir dewe kan??) Surabaya to jombang
M – Making love out of nothing at all: yes hhh..if every right is wrong
N – Names For Your Future Kids: I ever think ezra is extraordinary, but I guess I want to rejuvenating Indonesian name like…”temon” ….i think with lot of consideration later when I have one…yang jelas bukan “sugestik”
O – One Wish You Have Now: I wish I get more wishes so everybody get one.
P – Phobias: caterpillar n every slimy nasty lechery creature
Q – Favorite Quote: “u get what u’ve been giving”
R – Reasons to Smile: camera’s blitz n sumtime what nyopi ever said “ape manggung nang endi?”
S – Sleeping Time: 12 – 4…sumthin am.
T – Time You Woke Up: 4 am, then slept until the right time to wake.
U – Unknown Fact About You: I ever come home at 3am from a music gig sumthin with sum people..
V – Vegetable You Hate: terong n tomato. Too slimy to enjoy

W – Worst Habit: not focusing things, delaying things
X – X-rays You’ve Had: when im 3 sumthin, when I got my bronchitis surgery (is it a surgery I don’t know, I forgot)
Y – Yummy Foods: cak san’s when I want it, miso shiru n paket c hokben when I want it, izzy pizza’s when I want it so, kare raisu, any food at when I want it
Z – Zodiac Sign: cancer with just one lil present in 2007

1. Who took your profile picture? Nuril-friend (if it’s blogger), mas deki-friend (if it’s wordpress
2. Exactly what are you wearing right now? Nevada’s night wear (daster) blue with teddy bear pattern n nevada’s yellow star pattern torn panty n silver chain bracelet n friendship “engagement looked like” ring.
3. What is your current problem? TA (final assessment/assignment??) and chasing harry potter issues
4. What makes you most happy? Meeting old true loving friend (inc crushe’rs) n buying thing’s that I like. And of course making other people happy
5. What’s the title of the song you’re listening to? “only get one” by frou frou

Chapter 1: ABOUT YOU
1. Nickname? Shaumi, shau, mie,shom shom, michan, misao, cocom, kiky.
2. Eye color? Black
3. Hair color? Unidentified, reddish, blackish, brownish & straight
4. Height? 14…sumthin..i don’t really remembering it

Chapter 2: FAMILY
1. Do you live with your parent(s)? Yes
2. Do you get along with your parent(s)? Yea….with some complains
3. Are your parents chill? Depends on what wind said.
4. Do you have any siblings? A younger bro with a hint of arabian’s look, while we’re javanese

Chapter 3: FAVORITE
1. Ice Cream? Rum raisins, vanilla, cookies n cream, choco mint, durian..
2. Season? Rainy season when my room chilled without blackout.
3. Book? ..just a mystery meitantei conan, Alfred hitchcock’s..n sum other else
4. Band? Oasis, foo fighter, frou frou, coldplay,l’arc~en~ciel, monkey majik. Their song make me screamin wildly if I heard it in unexpected place n time.
5. Food? Yeaaaahh…anything yum yum (in my definition)
6. Drink(s) (non alcoholic)? Any Coffe but espresso, nutrisari jeruk nipis or jeruk manis with ice.
7. Pen color? Black.
8. Store? Daiso “daiso..irrashaimaseeee!!..selamat datang di daiso..semua barang satu harga..silahkan..goyukkuri goran kudasai!!”
9. Person? Everyone in my comfort zone, and any interesting person

Chapter 4: DO YOU
1. Write on your hand? Yeah for some special purpose.
2. Call people back? Yea..only when I have so much left in my credit
3. Believe in love? I believe there is love, but not yet believe IN love, not yet until love believe in me
4. Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes, the upper side.:)) (hahaha copy this answer from other people..the truth I try to make it balance in every side)

Chapter 5: HAVE YOU
1. Kissed someone in the past 48 hours? Unfortunately nope!
2. If so…where?
3. Had PHYSICAL therapy? No
4. Gotten surgery? I guess it Yes, since I don’t remember, I’m too little back then.
5. Taken painkillers? Thx god no, but I try to find happy in pain.
6. Overdosed on pain killers? No way
7. Been stung by a bee? No I guess but ever seen one
8. Threw up in a doctors office? No, I’m a strong gurl…awww I got a tootache!
9. Do you have a crush on anyone? Oh bloody Hells YeaaaaaaahI hope so. The best not yet to come.
10. Do they know? I hope so. Anyone who feel so, just wanna say “yeah it’s bloody hell you, since u know it let’s make it alone”

1. Person to text you? Yuyun
2. Thing you touched? My nose, just reflect, getting sleepy.
3. Thing you said? “aduhh” when I fell a bit itchy inside my ear.
4. Person you hugged? My bro..or..i’s too long ago..BC maybe..
5. Person you talked to on the phone? Mbak ika, just to make everything settled down for bloody heavens chasing harry porters.
6. Last book you read? If wikipedia doesn’t count ..Oxford pocket dict, for the damdammn geochemistry task.(it seems I don’t read ever since my last “larasati”..hmm I need to get back in track)
7. Last time you cleaned your room? Hahahaha I forgot..sum day in sum last weekend..hahaha.
8. Last time you talked to someone you liked? When he come to talk to me on the phone, just to say “I do want u, love u, n need u without any reason”….you wish..nah he just say sumthing like “I’ll call u some other time” or I misheard it as “gampanglahhh” or …”haaaaahh”…


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for Now i’m an enthusiast customer, a sweet reviewer, a cook lover, a recipe maker, a fancy hijab style-er (not really a stylist), a creative post-er, a frugal buyer, a seeking-for-eternal-love lover, an intimate craft-er, a crazy knowledge finder, a food picture taker (not yet a photographer), a seasonal traveler, a friend seeker, a mall go-er, an ice cream artisan and an entrepreneur.

One response to “shaumi’s a to z

  1. indrapamungkas ⋅

    My verse :

    S : Super duper, .mbuh cek senenge nggawe jargon iki, .nggak blog, nggak kotexm ,heee,…

    H : Happy, selalu ceria dan seger, .apalagi mobilnya.

    A : Astonishing, titik awal kebangkitan IFLS di ajang perdebatan. -Hail shaumi..hail shaumi..-

    U : Unidentified Flying Object a.k.a UFO, datang tak diundang pulang tak diantar.

    M : Mamamija, mbuh maksude opo iki, tapi setauku ini password laptopnya, . heee

    I : I think thats enough, . .Pisss

    *mata berkaca-kaca* mbak shau, . .maafkan aku, . . .

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