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Press release…!!!

Women n men can b friends only, without any silly things lurking inside. Every special things occur between me n nyo2pi, a special moldy old bedsheet, special debt, special lunch time, and special friendship. We might ceased u with our gestures and sounds but this is nothin but a…wht am I say….ummm…drama?? Metabolism excess?? Affection?? anything but what u r thinkin. Comfort will seize the day…
So the conclusion is


jaz da two of us

Dan gak usah cari masalah dengan bikin gossip gila, ato tanya berulang-ulang. Kalo pengen ngegodain monggo2 aja, paling kalo bosen n bete ya disambit sandal beracun aja.


About misaoearliche

for Now i’m an enthusiast customer, a sweet reviewer, a cook lover, a recipe maker, a fancy hijab style-er (not really a stylist), a creative post-er, a frugal buyer, a seeking-for-eternal-love lover, an intimate craft-er, a crazy knowledge finder, a food picture taker (not yet a photographer), a seasonal traveler, a friend seeker, a mall go-er, an ice cream artisan and an entrepreneur.

2 responses to “Press release…!!!

  1. TheGoeh

    Aduhhh…mbak iki rek sampe bikin blog conference…hubungan kita kan memang bukan gak ada apa-apa lagi..our relationship is just simply like how Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe in Last Samurai,Akeelah and The Bee,Gabe nad his scooter in Little Manhattan,Miranda Priestly and her twins,Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory…so this is what you called a normal relationship guys..?Big no no for that..Michan tenang..selama si kuning masih mengambang…badai pasti berlalu


  2. hwahahahahaha…seandainya aku baca earlier..pasti semuanya jauh lebih lucu…tomcruz n ken -apakah mreka gay?-, akeelah n the bee -hubungan binatang n anak2??!!lucuunyaaaa-, gabe n his scooter -hubungan benda n anak2??!!heeehh..sapa yg mau jd scooternya?kamu?hwlaaaala-, miranda priestly -iku sopo??-, willy wonka n his chocofact -terus knapa?coklate lo asli…*p-, jikalau si kuning tidak lagi mengambang segera hubungi dokter…yuckk..nih anak tergila2 ma poop n friendz ya?!..badai sudah berlalu bukan??dah menjelang musim panas gitu..

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