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Me in da hauz…alone!

Shaumi loves to be home alone exactly like now, coz I can scream, running around naked, singing, jumping, dancing and doing all the crazy stuff alone without interefering by anyone. But the thing that Shaumi hate from being home alone is having no one to answer the phone and open the ringing door, I hate to do that, I hate to do such thing, where somebody, destruct my ‘jiyuu’ or freedom. Coz mostly when I’m home alone I used to dressed whatever the mood are, or exactly wear sumthin notty which I can wear when people round, so I bit don’t like people to see me in those. If I could I’d love to make the phone into call only mode or cut off the door bell. So now I’m trying to concentrate with my freedom of being home alone, coz sooner or later it’ll end. Happy home alone guys. Gunakan baik2 waktu bebasmu sebelum datang waktu sibukmu…hwhahahhahaha..


About misaoearliche

for Now i’m an enthusiast customer, a sweet reviewer, a cook lover, a recipe maker, a fancy hijab style-er (not really a stylist), a creative post-er, a frugal buyer, a seeking-for-eternal-love lover, an intimate craft-er, a crazy knowledge finder, a food picture taker (not yet a photographer), a seasonal traveler, a friend seeker, a mall go-er, an ice cream artisan and an entrepreneur.

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